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RAJAGIRI TRANSCEND (To Reach out and Nurture Social Commitments and Enable Newer Dimensions), the social arm of Rajagiri College of Social Sciences (RCSS) [Kakkanad Campus], is an initiative conceived and managed by the Management student fraternity of the institute. TRANSCEND - the very name rings a bell. It is synonymous with love, concern, care, and tenderness, with a human touch. This is a project that reaches out to the homeless and needy. Over the years, the activities of Rajagiri Transcend have become more organized and consolidated.

We go beyond our limits to serve the people who are underprivileged. We, as a team, have a mission to accomplish; not only financial assistance and physical presence but also to share our happiness with them. Our vision is to develop humility in our heart and to lead by example, showing the world the privileges of God-given blessings and sharing these with the under- privileged to give them a sense that they are not alone

Our Mission

To facilitate students to explore their options for co-curricular involvement on campus and beyond, in order to enhance their educational and life experiences and make them effective social beings.

Our Contributions and Services include......

1) Programmes for children in Child Care Institutions

  • Mentoring (Spending quality time with the inmates)
  • Tuition Programme - Shiksha-graha (Remedial Teaching for needy children)
  • CRAYONS - (An Inter-Orphanage cultural fest)

2) Community Intervention Activities in the Rajagiri Neighbourhood Community

  • Mapping of children 'in need of care and protection'
  • Education Sponsorship Project - ( Supporting 100 children from marginalized families)
  • LANTERNS (Enlightening the future) (mentoring camp for the children from the neighbourhood )

3) Services for Students of Government Schools and Aided Schools

  • Supplementary nutrition programme.
  • Asha Deepam - Life skill education programme

4) Awareness Generation Campaign about Organ Donation

5) The Thanks Giving Day ( for the house keeping staff of Rajagiri College)

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