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NAAC - Reaccreditation of A++ level in 2021 with CGPA of 3.83/4


Rajagiri has been ranked 30th best college in the country by NIRF, MHRD, Gov. of India


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Shabeer Mohamed K Rajagiri MBA 1996-1998

Rajagiri has given me the most valuable skill that has helped me so far- It`s called Confidence. Of Course the top Class facilities and Faculty deser

Narayanan Nair Sr. Vice President and Head - International HR, Mphasis

Looking back I owe a lot to this fantastic institution Rajagiri for all the fundamental conceptual strength that rajagiri has helped me pick.I think

Issac Varghese Leader- People&Organisation, EY

The uniqueness in imparting learning from real life situations will enable the students to contribute from day one of taking up a job. The course curr

Sneha Sarah Alex .

During my 3 years at Rajagiri College of Social Sciences, the support that I received from the faculty here, has encouraged me to come out of my comfort zone and push myself beyond my limits. It was such a privilege to pursue both of my interests at the same time. The years that I have spent here, have added value to my life and helped in shaping my future. I had countless opportunities to enhance my knowledge and also interact with great personalities from the industry. My leadership skills and proactive thinking were enhanced through the various programs and events conducted by the college. Life at Rajagiri is truly a celebration.

Reenu Elsa Kuruvilla .

My life at Rajagiri has been etched as an irreplaceable memory that I will cherish for lifetime. The college has provided me with several opportunities to develop myself, not just academically but from a holistic perspective. The faculty members have worked tirelessly in grooming us for being corporate professionals without compromising on our morals, values and ethics. I will forever be grateful to Rajagiri for handholding me in bettering myself and for the innumerable experiences I was provided with that enabled me to go beyond my own inhibitions and achieve my true potential.

Caroline Elizabeth Shaji .

Being a Chartered Accountant has always been my dream, but it’s pursuit has been one filled with uncertainty. However, Rajagiri has enabled me to break through my scepticism and perform to my potential by providing me with unparalleled training, motivation and support. The college truly upholds its motto of “Striving towards Excellence”, evident from the training that has been offered to us, by a panel of professional faculty, who have been nothing less than the best in the field. Rajagiri has kindled in me, the fire of perseverance, to pursue my dreams with a dedicated heart, relentless soul and a disciplined work culture.

Renju Joseph .

Three years at Rajagiri have been the most memorable part of my lifetime. What made the life so special at Rajagiri is because of the support which I received from my friends and faculty here, with their support and critic that rectified my errors and challenge myself to achieve more. Rajagiri has given me the experience to face the life with a smile.

Aditya E. S. MSW 2015-17 Batch

“MSW course provided me a greater level of confidence to take-up the challenges. During the course I have been given opportunity to undertake field work with NGOs in other states like Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh. This has helped me to develop a clear perspective towards rural scenario. I believe that this experience has helped me to get my present job and obviously the MSW course content, training and teaching methodology and guidance of teachers of Rajagiri College moulded me as a competent social worker.”

Jinto K Mathew MSW 2014-16 Batch

“The experience from the Rajagiri College of Social Sciences helped me a lot to be more competitive in the field of social work. It also enabled me to develop skills not only personally but also professionally. The knowledge gained from the training sessions provided during the study can be applied in the working station and has been recognized the same in my institution. I am really grateful to my faculty members, in fact their guidance and motivation influenced significantly in my life.”

Mathew T. John (BSW 2013-2016)

“I entered Rajagiri College of Social Sciences for doing my BSW, 6 years back, I was not contented with ‘profit and loss’ overview of the world and my thirst for a deeper engagement and learning about the society, led me to choose this wonderful course in Rajagiri. This was one of the major turns in my life and looking back at it, I’m truly happy. This course not only offered a textual understanding about my surrounding but I got to experience layers of explorative learning with field work in each semester. Rajagiri also offered various avenues for my personal growth too. I was the President of the students’ union named ‘SWARAJ’ which helped me work on my leadership skills under the guidance of a well experienced faculty team. All the experience I gathered those 3 years and forward, is truly helping me, as I currently work as a Social Work educator.”

Elizabeth Jacob (BSW 2016-2019)

As a human being, I believe that the core of man’s spirit comes from new experiences, and to have got the opportunity to do Bachelor of Social Work at Rajagiri College of Social Sciences has been truly fulfilling to my spirit. Even though Social Work wasn’t my interest initially, it became my passion after going through the social work training I received here. I was hesitant to join Rajagiri due to my bias that being in Kerala wouldn’t provide exposure to the larger world, but the exposure I received here with regard to organizational visits, concurrent fieldwork, summer placement, club activities, conferences and the world within library, was more than I could’ve ever hoped for. Rajagiri opened my eyes to the realities of human life I was ignorant of. Every aspect of this institute, be it academic or extra-curricular, has helped a lot in developing myself multifold. Now, as I am pursuing Post Graduate Diploma in Rural Management at Institute of Rural Management Anand (IRMA) the fire of social work still burns bright. I will always be a social worker by spirit whichever profession I take up because what I’ve learnt during my BSW journey would always remain and reflect in my actions.

Tony James (BSW 2012-2015)

"Throughout my 3 years of Bachelor of Social work at Rajagiri College of Social Sciences I had countless opportunities to develop interpersonal skills, Intrapersonal skills, leadership skills and proactive thinking through various programs and events organized by the Department of Social Work. These attributes were the key reasons because of which I was successfully placed as the coordinator of Trivandrum Don Bosco Veedu Society. Big thanks to all my faculty members and friends for this amazing journey at RCSS. I believe the field work, Rotaract club activities and mentoring provided by the college helped me to develop a good career in Social Work.

Anjana PS .

In life this is one such decisions I always feel proud and happy about, choosing to study here in RAJAGIRI. I am so glad to share my successful and happy journey in Rajagiri College. In a very short time span I was able to sink into the very spirit of it. The bond and relation with the faculty strengthened me in lot more ways to grow high. They helped me the most to recognize my abilities. I take this moment to cherish all the good things I was able to achieve from there. This is the place which taught me to dream big. The serene atmosphere and the infrastructure that every student gets from here is undoubtedly the best. This place is an amalgamation of learning, culture, fun, enjoyment and many more life preaching activities. This is a unique place to study and enjoy that no one feel regret about.

Nicole C Joseph M Sc Psychology

I found the course very interesting, challenging and holistic. Unlike in other colleges, ‘Rajagiri Centre for Behavioural Sciences and Research’ (RCBSR) ensures that the course they provide goes beyond the university curriculum by including additional useful courses like PEBL (Psychology Experiment Building Language). The faculties are very competent and supportive and encourage students to challenge themselves academically in each step of the way. The faculties do a very good job of motivating the students to open up their horizons and to actually seek new knowledge and concepts rather than just mug up whatever is in the curriculum. The department does not only focus on developing their student’s academic and research potentials but also strives hard to mold them into socially responsible and adept individuals. The department takes up various initiatives to meet the requirements of the needy in the form of free medical camps, flood relief etc. Overall, the course has definitely gifted me with an enriching and growing experience as an individual as well as a student of psychology.

Arya A Menon B.Sc.Psychology

I completed my B.Sc. in Psychology from Rajagiri College of Social Sciences, Kalamassery in 2019. I had a fruitful experience while doing my course. Although the psychology department was new, Rajagiri Center for Behavioural Sciences and Research (RCBSR) never failed to leave us awestruck with its infinite possibilities to enhance our future. The department, our loving faculty members and the department's backbone, dean,Dr. Fr. Varghese K Varghese inspired us to chase our dreams and become responsible citizens. Being the first batch, we had the privilege to host Psyesta, the national psychology fest, and to host and attend various national and international conferences. The department is equipped with the best faculty and latest tests and resources required for the smooth completion of the course.

AJO GEEVARGHESE THOMAS M.Lib.I.Sc 2020-22 UGC Librarian Bishop Moore College, Mavelikara

I am working as the College librarian at Bishop More College Maveliakara. I have completed my Master’s in Library and Information Science from Rajagiri College of Social Sciences. Rajagiri has given me wide exposure to the subject. Even though we started in the pandemic era the college completed the course within the span of time with enormous quality. The department is fully fledged with qualified faculties and resources. As students, we could access many e-resources like Scopus, Web of Science, J Gate, Delnet etc. The Rajagiri Library is one of the best academic libraries in Kerala. the course also provides us with one month’s internship. The teachers were encouraging and always try to crave the best from us. The faculties strongly supported me in cracking the UGC Net with JRF, publishing papers, and attending conferences. The department also helped us in gaining placements at different institutions. In my experience, Rajagiri is a world of possibilities. Thankyou Rajagiri for guiding, moulding and making me confident enough to start my carrier as a dynamic library professional.

Sreejith Sreenivas Visakhan IB Certified Librarian, Dubai, UAE (M.L.I.Sc., M Phil, Equivalency from Ministry of Education, UAE)

I had the privilege of being part of the first batch of Library and Information Science students at Rajagiri College of Social Sciences in 2005-2006 batch. Looking back, I can confidently say that my experience at Rajagiri was nothing short of exceptional. It provided me with a strong foundation in the field of library and information science and equipped me with the necessary skills and knowledge to succeed in my career. One of the standout features of Rajagiri College was its highly knowledgeable and experienced faculty members. The professors were not only experts in their respective fields but also passionate about imparting their knowledge to the students. They fostered an environment of active learning, encouraging us to ask questions, engage in discussions, and think critically. Their guidance and mentorship played a vital role in shaping my understanding of library and information science. The curriculum at Rajagiri College was comprehensive and well-structured. It covered all aspects of library and information science, from cataloging and classification to information retrieval and digital libraries. The coursework was designed to provide us with a strong theoretical foundation while also emphasizing practical applications through hands-on projects and internships. This practical exposure was invaluable as it allowed us to apply our knowledge in real-world scenarios and gain a deeper understanding of the field. The college also had excellent infrastructure and resources for library and information science students. The library was well-stocked with a wide range of books, journals, and research materials, providing us with ample opportunities for self-study and research. The computer labs were equipped with the latest technology and software, enabling us to explore emerging trends in information management. What truly set Rajagiri College apart was its emphasis on holistic development. Alongside our academic pursuits, the college encouraged us to participate in extracurricular activities, cultural events, and community service initiatives. These experiences not only enhanced our interpersonal skills but also instilled in us a sense of social responsibility and ethical values. Furthermore, the college's strong network and connections in the industry played a pivotal role in securing internships and job placements for the students. The career guidance and support provided by the college's placement cell were invaluable, ensuring that we were well-prepared for the competitive job market. Overall, my time at Rajagiri College of Social Sciences, as part of the first batch of Library and Information Science students in 2005, was an enriching and transformative experience. It provided me with a solid foundation in the field, nurtured my passion for knowledge management, and prepared me to excel in my career. I will always be grateful to Rajagiri for the valuable education and memories it has given me. I highly recommend Rajagiri College of Social Sciences to anyone aspiring to pursue Library and Information Science.

Anandraj K C Sr. Documentation Assist The Kerala Minerals and Metal Ltd (KMML) Chavara, Kollam, Kerala

Rajagiri College of Social Science, with its distinguished reputation, has provided me with an enriching and transformative educational experience. The Department of Library and Information Science, in particular, has been instrumental in shaping my academic and professional journey. As an average student, I entered the Department of Library and Information Science with a thirst for knowledge and a desire to excel in my chosen field. The faculty and resources provided by the college exceeded my expectations and propelled me towards professional success. The faculty members are highly knowledgeable but also dedicated mentors who go above and beyond to support their students. They recognized my potential, encouraged me to strive for excellence, and guided me every step of the way. Their expertise, guidance, and unwavering support were instrumental in transforming me from an average student into a confident and competent professional. Rajagiri College of Social Science encourages students to engage in extracurricular activities and pursue their passions. The balance between theoretical knowledge and practical application was maintained through hands-on training, visiting the various libraries, research assignments, and internships, allowing us to gain valuable real-world experience.The college organizes various cultural, social, and sports events, fostering a vibrant and inclusive campus life. These activities provided a platform for personal growth, leadership development, and the building of lifelong friendships. As a Rajagirian, I am immensely proud of the values instilled in me during my study time at Rajagiri College of Social Science. The college places great emphasis on ethical practices, social responsibility, and compassion, molding us into well-rounded individuals committed to making a positive impact in society.I am forever grateful to the institution for shaping me into the professional I am today and for the lifelong connections and memories I have made. I wholeheartedly recommend Rajagiri College to anyone aspiring to pursue a career in library and information science.

Gloria Varkey Librarian Kendriya Vidyalaya

“Rajagiri College of Social Sciences is a place of learning and fun. Studying here has brought added value to my life. It gave me an opportunity to meet different kinds of people and learn a number of things. I have received an enormous amount of support from the faculty of Library Science. I am thankful to my teachers for providing a platform to enhance my skills and the opportunity to showcase them. Due to their efforts, I was able to explore my skills and bag jobs from top institutions like the Centre for Public Policy Research, Rajagiri Public School and KVs. I suggest my juniors attend the impactful training by our placement cell which is helpful and gives exposure to current employment demands.”

S Suhail Librarian Kendriya Vidyalaya Port Trust

One of the biggest blessings that I have had is being at Rajagiri College, it managed to produce a teacher in me. Studying at Rajagiri made a meaningful impact on my profession. I am humbled continuously and energized at the same time & Rajagiri remains the best training ground for me. I would like to thank our mentors from Rajagiri who moulded us into this career with dedication, passion and perseverance beyond our capabilities. So for the students who are currently studying at Rajagiri, stay focused on your goals and keep pushing yourself to do your best.

Anju Radhakrishnan MLibISc 2020-21 Batch

The Department of Library and Information Science at Rajagiri College of Social Sciences is one of the best in its respective field. I have been lucky enough to be a part of this prestigious institution and the wonderful department from 2019 to 2021. I completed both my bachelor’s and master’s in library and information Science during this period. At present I am working as the Library Assistant at Global Banking School in London. The very best education and training were provided to us from the department. The faculties are well qualified and experienced to provide the best exposure one could ever get. Training sessions and workshops on different databases and library management software were also part of our curriculum. I can say with absolute confidence that I had the best two years of my life at Rajagiri.

Rohit S. Cloud Engineer (UST GLOBAL)

That period of two years that I have spent at Rajagiri College of Social Sciences, Kalamassery is laced with sweet memories and wonderful moments which I could always cherish forever. The guidance that I have received from here has shown me the right direction. I was able to learn worthy lessons in programming from the faculties over here. I really owe much to faculties and my friends. Looking back, the time at Rajagiri is something I would love to re-live.

Fathima Riyas Research Analyst

I recently completed my Postgraduation in M.Sc. Statistics with Data Science from Rajagiri College of Social Sciences, Kalamassery, and I am extremely satisfied with the education and opportunities provided by the Department of Statistics. The program not only equipped me with a strong theoretical foundation but also offered hands-on experience in programming languages such as R and Python. The inclusion of add-on programs expanded my skill set, and I am grateful for the practical exposure gained through data analysis projects under the Centre for Statistical Analysis. The faculty's guidance and the comprehensive curriculum have prepared me well for a successful transition into the professional field.Rajagiri College's commitment to excellence is evident in its forward-thinking approach, ensuring that students are well-prepared for the evolving landscape of data science. The supportive environment and dedicated faculty make this institution an ideal choice for anyone seeking a robust education in statistics and data science. I am proud to be an alumna of Rajagiri College of Social Sciences and am confident that the skills acquired here will continue to benefit me in my career.

Jelina Alphonsia Paiva Assistant System Engineer Trainee (TCS, Bangaluru)

I'm proud to be an alumnus of Rajagiri College of Social Sciences, Kalamassery, which is the ideal combination of education, discipline, morals, and potential. As a recent graduate of the college, I can confidently say that my time there was a defining chapter in my life. My master's program at RCSS in statistics with data science was a rewarding experience that extended beyond the classroom. The department's outstanding teachers served as mentors as well as educators, helping me to improve both personally and academically. The faculty members are not only experts in their fields but also approachable mentors who genuinely care about their students' success. Beyond academics, many extracurricular activities have given me the chance to explore my interests and gain useful skills outside of the classroom. I am grateful for the lifelong friendships and professional connections I have made. RCSS has truly prepared me for success, and I am confident that the education and experiences I gained here will continue to shape my future endeavors.

Serena Siby Data Analyst Trainee, BV Data Solutions

My personal development has been greatly influenced by the exposure, opportunity, and experience I have received from the department and college. The administration and faculty have made significant contributions to our knowledge and skill development, which has helped us get off to a fantastic start in our careers. They taught us to improve our practical abilities and work habits instead of merely focusing on academic information and grades. Additionally, they gave us the chance to work in addition to our studies, which has been quite helpful in being ready for the future.

Salmiya K.S. Ph.D. Scholar (VITAS, Chennai)

As a Statistics with Data Science postgraduate from the Department of Statistics, Rajagiri College of Social Sciences, Kalamassery, I gained extensive exposure to the dynamic field of Data Science. This program facilitated my introduction to programming, particularly in Python and R, despite my limited prior experience in this area. The faculties at Rajagiri were exceptionally supportive, fostering an approachable environment for addressing our academic needs. In addition to the core curriculum, we had the opportunity to explore various add-on courses that significantly contributed to skill development. I credit the Rajagiri statistics department for playing a pivotal role in boosting my confidence and providing valuable guidance for my career path.

Reshma Sisil Thomas MSW (2021-23)

Receiving the admission offer letter from Rajagiri is one of the proudest moments of my life. The two years of the MSW course have enabled and empowered me to practice in an international setting. Each field experience under the guidance of eminent faculty members served as an opportunity to enhance my skills and knowledge. The solid foundation offered at Rajagiri equipped me to obtain U.S. social work licensure within a few months of graduation, facilitating employment as a social worker at Richmond State Supported Living center, Texas Health and Human Services Commission, United States of America, with a salary package of 37 LPA. Course recognition by the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE) expedited the process. Overflowing with gratitude, I am committed to exceeding social work practice expectations and contributing to Rajagiri's legacy with dedication and professionalism.


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