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Welcome to the Rajagiri Research and Development Cell (RRDC) the Research Hub of Rajagiri College, where knowledge meets innovation!

The Rajagiri Research and Development Centre (RRDC) strives to bring together research, innovation, and technology development in order to realise the vision of Atma Nirbhar Bharat. RRDC is focused on creating a research ecosystem that aligns with the NEP 2020. RRDC's reliable and impactful research output is attributed to its Research Information Management System and financial support from various sources.

  • We provide state-of-the-art facilities and comprehensive support for impactful research, as recognised by the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research.
  • The College Management actively promotes research, encourages collaborations, and facilitates funding from outside sources.


Director: Dr.S Antony Ceasar

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The International Centre for Consortium Research in Social Care Disciplines

The International Centre for Consortium Research in Social Care Disciplines collaborates with global researchers to design social care practice models, integrate healthcare systems, and promote health policies through evidence-based interventions. The centre aims to bridge the gap between knowledge and practice, strengthen social care research, and publish quality publications. Major projects include developing technology-driven interventions, integrating social and health care, and addressing psycho-social challenges. Collaborators include renowned institutions like the University of Melbourne and the University of York.

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Doctoral Centre – Social Work

The Rajagiri College of Social Sciences is an established centre for doctoral research via Order No. AC.AII-1/504/87 dated 6.5.1988  in Social Work, Sociology, allied Social Sciences, and Management Studies, recognised by Mahatma Gandhi University. For more than 25 years, the Centre provides support to both full-time and part-time PhD research scholars in their approved areas of study. The Center has the service of six Research Guides in Social work. The Centre has to its credit 46 scholars awarded Doctoral degrees in Social Work from 1990 onwards

Doctoral Centre- Management

In 1993, the Rajagiri College of Social Sciences was designated a Centre for Doctoral Research in Management Studies(No. Ac.A. II-3/1175/92 dt.30-11-1993). The doctoral centre was reactivated in 2019(U.O.719/AVI/1/RC-R/2312/2018/Academic dated 14-02-2019), and the University Committee for Research and Development has recommended that its sanction and recognition continue through 2023.

The Rajagiri Journal of Social Development (ISSN 0973-3086), a peer-reviewed bi-annual publication, aims to disseminate field-based knowledge in social development

Rajagiri Management Journal (RMJ) is a peer-reviewed journal that addresses all aspects of management through research papers, case studies, and book reviews. It is an Open Access journal funded by Rajagiri Business School and Rajagiri College of Social Sciences.

Rajagiri Research Institute

The Research Institute at Rajagiri College of Social Sciences, established in 1972, is dedicated to conducting cutting-edge research in socially relevant areas. Over the past five decades, it has undertaken around 150 research studies and 600 awareness and skill development programs. The Institute collaborates with international, national, and state departments as well as corporate agencies. The Institute has received numerous accreditations and appreciations for its work.

Join us to push boundaries and make a lasting impact on society.

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