Department of Library and Information Science

Dept. of Library and Information Science

The BLISc program was started at Rajagiri College of Social Sciences in 2005 and the MLISc program in 2014 in the wake of great demand in the present day business, education, and research and development industries for Knowledge Managers. The school envisions delivering world class professionals in the field of Knowledge management for the ever increasing market for such managers. The Programmes are designed and delivered to prepare the learners for the challenging career of Knowledge Managers. In addition to the academic teaching they have been given additional programmes like- Yoga, English Communication Class, Internship in reputed institutions inside and outside Kerala, Automated computer programmes, etc. – After completing the course students are getting a well awareness about the management and the administration of a library. The core values of the department are to infuse in the learners’ ability to function dynamically, to acquire requisite knowledge and skills to manage libraries and Information Systems and to instil in them the basic understanding of social responsibilities of knowledge managers.

Vision :

*To develop personnel with aptitudes and skills to face the Information challenges and needs of a fast-changing society.
*To promote research and publications by imparting quality and social relevant knowledge.
*To contribute innovative teaching and learning methods in Library and Information Science

Mission :

*To impart quality education in Library and Information Science.
*To develop personnel with knowledge, skills and character leading to creating, maintaining and developing knowledge society.
*Educate students who will be knowledgeable, skilled, and committed members of the information professions.


Swacch Award 2019 05 December 2019

Management educators ,no doubt, are looking for tools which can equip the students with employment ready skills while providing a conducive learning experience. Business schools have been using cases to create a real-life environment but active participation by all cannot be ensured even in case discussions. Simulation on the other hand does not permit passive participants. Any simulation will easily persuade the student to apply all his abilities to solve the problem at hand and thus gives him a real-life experience. It is thus an effective tool set in a highly user-friendly environment.

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Workshop Conducted:

Two Days National Workshop on “E Publishing Using OJS” on 19-20 November 2018.Department of Library and Information Science in association with INFLIBNET (Information and Library Network) Centre organized Two DaysNational Workshop on “E Publishing Using OJS” on 19-20 November 2018. Dr M DBaby, Head of the dept. gave the welcome address and introduced the theme. Principal Dr. Binoy Joseph presided over the meeting. Mr. A Ramachandran, Vice Chancellor KUFOS inaugurated the function. Mr. Satish Babu (Founding Director, ICFOSS)delivered the Keynote address. Mr. Gaurav Praksh (Scientist, INFLIBNET) was the chief resource person. More than 30 persons participated in the workshop including research guides, research scholars, faculties, post graduate students, library professionals etc. The workshop was handled by Mr. Gaurav Prakash fromINFLIBNET, Dr . Liny Varghese( Information Scientist, CUSAT, Ernakulam), Mr.Binu A( Professor, Rajagiri School of Engineering and Technology, Kakkanadu). The workshop is concluded with a valedictory function, Dr M D Baby, Head of the department gave the welcome address to the valedictory function and gave the Certificates to the Participants. After that there was an interaction session and followed by a feedback report from the participants.All most all of the participants were satisfied with the theme, hospitality and all over the workshop.



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In life this is one such decisions I always feel proud and happy about, choosing to study here in RAJAGIRI. I am so glad to share my successful and happy journey in Rajagiri College. In a very short time span I was able to sink into the very spirit of it. The bond and relation with the faculty strengthened me in lot more ways to grow high. They helped me the most to recognize my abilities. I take this moment to cherish all the good things I was able to achieve from there. This is the place which taught me to dream big. The serene atmosphere and the infrastructure that every student gets from here is undoubtedly the best. This place is an amalgamation of learning, culture, fun, enjoyment and many more life preaching activities. This is a unique place to study and enjoy that no one feel regret about.