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Alumni (OYSTER)


Once you have graduated from Rajagiri College, you become a life long member of our alumni OYSTER. This association of Rajagiri Alumni upholds the motto of the college - "Learn, Serve, Excel". The OYSTER, its members spread across the world, aims to provide networking opportunities through the development of various activities and initiatives that will foster relationships among alumni, students, faculty, and in general the Rajagiri community.

The present Executive Committee of the Oyster is headed by Mr. K Venugopal, President; Mr Somy John and Ms Deepthy Tharakan, Vice Presidents ; Secretary Dr.Kiran Thampi, Joint Secretary Mr. Niran Joy.  

The OYSTER has a full time co-coordinator to strengthen the enrollment of new alumni. The Executive Committee of OYSTER is taking relentless efforts to reinstate links with those alumni who have not registered so far on online. This will help us to build up the activities of the various chapters functioning within and outside the country so as to reach out to all the members in maintaining our institutional and industrial relations at a global level. The OYSTER also wishes to bring out a directory of all alumni to facilitate members to keep in touch with each other and with the College. We earnestly solicit alumni participation in this endeavor.

OYSTER has launched a community site  for strengthening the network among the Rajagiri alumni. The new alumni, who have not yet registered with the community site, may please use the community site and enter into the link "new user" for registration. We salute all Rajagirians and pray God to shower blessings upon all of us.

Mr. K Venugopal,
President of Oyster.


Annual Oyster Meets