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Life at Rajagiri

The education at Rajagiri goes beyond academics and focuses on the holistic development of students. A myriad of activities like extracurricular pursuits, leadership roles, value-added programmes and courses which help in the holistic development of students are offered to the students. The activities include 10-day rural camp primarily aimed at sensitizing students socially; Vanavasam is a three-day camp which aims at shaping students’ behavior in an organizational perspective and in nurturing good corporate citizens. Rajagiri – Kalypso Outbound Training Program (OBT) is meant to combine training in team building, leadership, communication and adaptability with physical fitness. Transcend the social charity wing, provides an opportunity for students to discover the social aspect of management education and inspires them to provide back to society in real earnest. 

Rajagiri has a plethora of cultural activities for the students starting from club activities to organising fests like Dyuti, Euphoria, Splendore, Psyesta, Inflore and so on. The rajgarians get moulded for all the different technical and cultural competitions through their respective associations and clubs and the represent the college in various National fests.
Rajagiri Immersive Learning Experience Methodology is a pedagogical innovation of the college. The methodology aims to develop the Rajagirians into a socially responsible Professional. The Immersive Learning methodology is based on four dimensions – conceptual learning, experiential engagement, executive modelling and corporate competency.