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Business Writing Workshop

TheDepartment of Languages along with the Financial club conducted a workshop on Business Report Writing on 30th November and 1st December, 2018. It was attended by all the ACCA students of Rajagiri.

The workshop was inaugurated by Dr. K. X. Joseph, Head, Department of Commerce. The gathering was addressed by Prof. Thomas Thiruthanathy, Head, Department of Languages. The inaugural ceremony was followed by a session on ‘How to write Business letters?’ by Prof. Rajesh P and Prof. Anand K.

On the second day, the workshop was held in the language lab, were the students took a MOOC test to brush up their English grammar. Certificates were provided upon the completion of the thirty-five-minute online course.

After the MOOC test, students were shown various e-paper platforms where they could read newspapers online. As an exercise, students were asked to write a ‘letter to the editor’ on topics selected from the newspaper. The letter sent by Divya Cherian, S1 Tax, Model 2, was published in the New Indian Express.

In the post-lunch session, Prof. Gokul M. Nair handled sessions on e-mail etiquettes. The learners were then asked to prepare a newsletter based on the two-day workshop, attaching reports of the sessions. Feedback was provided and learner experiences were shared, at the conclusion of the program.

Drama Club

Drama club is initiated as a creative playground for the students with an orientation in theatre and arts. The student-centric design of the centre helps the students to experiment, explore, create and learn the different aspects of theatre -  terminologies, creative writing, acting, makeup and design. The centre welcomes all students to work alongside the mentors to better their creative and critical thinking, which amplifies their academic performance, confidence and personality.


Euphoria is the biennial national Student Fest organized by Dept. of Computer Science and Computer Students Association of Rajagiri (C.S.T.A.R). This technical cum cultural extravaganza is one of the most anticipated college fest in India with an expected participation of 300+ Colleges with 700+ students, Euphoria 2k19 will be one of the epic college fest conducted in South India. The fest comes with the most attractive cash prizes, placement opportunities and Innovative gateways. For more details-

Film Club

The Film Club serves as a promising platform for students with an interest in the creative, technical and aesthetic aspects of  cinema, considering the scope and popularity of the medium in the present society. The club focuses on the intellectual enrichment of its members through various activities like workshops, screenplay-writing, MOOCs on film making, make–up techniques etc. and interactive sessions (such as ‘Meet the Crew/Director’), where the members get exposed to the professional and technical aspects, enlightening them to pursue their interest in the right direction. The club also conducts screening of movies, where the members are offered academic insight and entertainment.


INFLORÉ- "In Bloom", is  one of the most sought after management fests in South India. It  provides a platform for students from all over India to challenge one another through a plethora of skill-demanding events. Set in the beautiful scenic campus of Rajagiri at Kakkanad, Infloré depicts the true management spirit of Rajagiri.  

The events in every new edition of Infloré, are handcrafted with more vibrancy, enthusiasm and a unique vision. The fest consists of 18 management and non-management events that aim to kindle and promote various skills in the participants. The events include the Best Manager, Best Management Team, She Entrepreneurship, Corporate Walk, the Voice of Infloré, etc. A cultural extravaganza that brings together talent and aspirations. Infloré is conducted every year based on a theme with colorful elements incorporated into every aspect of the fest and attracts countless participants from various colleges. Infloré has been a part of Social Initiatives like Rebuild Kerala, Support Chedamangalam weavers and Support Manjali Halwa makers.

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Kalypso Outbound Training Programme (Out Bound Training)

The Kalypso OBT is designed to bring out management skills like planning, organizing, decision making, communication, team building and adaptability in the students. The harshness of the natural environment inculcates hardiness and discipline among students.

Literary Club

Literary club aims to polish the latent literary skills in the students. During  this academic year, the club focuses on poetry. Poetry, the oldest form of literature, must flow out naturally and smoothly from the soul of the poet. In the words of William Wordsworth, “poetry has its origin in emotions recollected in tranquillity.” This club stands as a platform for the students to express their thoughts, ideas and emotions on various themes through the medium of poetry. It also helps them to promote their versification skills and develop their knowledge about the new styles and trends in modern poetry. The club intends to offer various workshops (both in the campus and programmes arranged by authorized poetry groups) handled by famous poets. Being a part of the club, the students get ample opportunities to enhance their creativity through manuscript magazines, blogs, online poetry circles etc.

MAGNEQ- Inter Collegiate Management Fest

MAGNEQ is an Inter Collegiate Management Fest  conducted by Association of Commerce Students of Rajagiri (ACSR),Department of Commerce and Professional Studies . The event is intended for showcasing the talents of students in various fields of commerce like marketing and management. The objectives of the event are:

a. To showcase the academic as well as non-academic talents of students.

b. To create a platform for mutual interactions and sharing of experience.

c. To inspire young people to develop their managerial skills.


Psyesta – a national level Psychological fest is the flagship event of the psychology department. The annual National Psychology Fest (Psyesta) that covers various psychology related events for students across India is mainly conducted by the students under the guidance of the faculty members. This plays an immense role in improving their skills in the subject, as well as their managerial skill. The goal of the fest to showcase the academic as well as non – academic skills of psychology students, to create a platform for mutual interactions and sharing of experience and to enthuse and inspire young people and to create awareness on social responsibility.

Rajagiri Business League (RBL)

Rajagiri Business League is a student-led flagship basketball tournament jointly hosted by Rajagiri Business School (RBS) and Rajagiri College of Social Sciences (RCSS) every year. It set its sail for the first time in February 2017, and was the first of its kind in South India to bring corporate teams and B-Schools from diverse backgrounds on a common platform. From its inception, RBL has grown leaps and bounds. For the first three editions of RBL, corporates and B-schools have participated side by side to win the contest. Last year, RBL expanded further to include women’s matches as well. The 3rd edition, RBL-2019 witnessed the nail-biting battle between corporate teams in both Men’s and Women’s categories with TCS Bengaluru (Men) and Infosys (Women) emerging as the title winners. 

Rajagiri Business School, an institution well known for its CSR activities, hosted the first ever exhibition match of the National Women’s Wheel-Chair Basketball team members, as part of the second edition of RBL. As a part of third edition in 2019, an exhibition match was conducted involving YMCA Special School children, a team of specially abled students who mesmerized the crowd with their grit and enthusiasm at the Rajagiri Hill Campus, Kalamassery, Cochin.

The number of corporate participants is steadily increasing every year. The upcoming fourth edition of Rajagiri Business League, RBL 2020, would be an exclusive corporate event with teams competing for the coveted trophy in both Men’s & Women’s categories. The matches in this national level tournament are designed in a knock out-format and will be held from 16th to 18th of January, 2020. It would undoubtedly boost the spirits high of both the players and the crowd, which makes it one among the most enthralling sporting events to look forward to.

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Rajagiri National Business Quiz

Rajagiri National Business Quiz (RajagiriNBQ) is the quiz conclave of Rajagiri Centre for Business Studies, Kochi. The event is an extravagant quest of wit and wisdom, bringing the best quizzing minds in the country, where the players battle it out for the ultimate glory. Our official media partner is NDTV 24*7 and quiz master for the year is Mr. Mitesh Agarwal.

The Rajagiri National Business quiz (RajagiriNBQ) has set its sail for the 10th year course and the grand finale is happening on the 23rd of November 2019. This enthralling quizzing event recognized nation-wide is one of its kind and never disappoints the quizzing minds in the conclave of the intellects. With each round as baffling and challenging as it could be, this prestigious event promises both the viewers and the participants an unfeigned amusement and triumph.  RajagiriNBQ creates a unique platform for the corporates and students to battle out their understanding of the business world.

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Speakers Forum

Speakers Forum is a platform for the College community to learn and showcase their public speaking skills. The Forum aims at honing interpersonal and leadership skills by equipping them with necessary speaking skills and providing them a space to voice their opinions. Speakers Forum conducts Debates, Group Discussions, Invited Talks, Just a Minute and Colloquiums for students. Workshops on Speaking Skills and Leadership Skills are an integral part of the programmes of the Forum. Under the auspices of the Speakers Forum, students are trained and sent for competitions within and outside the State. The major focus of the club is improvement of Public Speaking & Communication Skills, Interpersonal Skills, Professional Networking Skills and Leadership Skills

SPLENDORE-National Grad Fest

SPLENDORE is an annual national fest organized by Rajagiri College of Social Sciences since 2016. This theme-based inter-school and collegiate fest organized in two days in the month of October . The first day is for students from Higher Secondary schools and the second day for Graduate students. The main objective is to showcase the talents and creativity of school and college students and facilitate interaction among them. SPLENDORE is co-ordinated by the Graduate Departments of Rajagiri College of Social Sciences (Social work, Commerce, Business Administration and Psychology). Prior to the SPLENDORE, flashmobs, shows and basketball matches (Fr. Moses Trophy) are held as an off start. Events of SPLENDORE include Treasure Hunt, Mock Press, Theme Dance/Synchro Dance, Spell Bee, Jam, Quiz etc., besides games and exhibits. The participants get the unique opportunity to foster their sportsman spirit and showcase their skills and win cash prizes.


The Globe

The Globe is a Centre for Learning, Creating and Experimenting with Arts, Literature, and Performance. It is a non-profit platform initiated by the Department of Languages, to take on like-minded students who lust for creative engagement. The Department offers a helping hand to guide and mentor in areas that suit their tastes and interests so that it will enhance and channel their energy through a positive and fruitful effort, enabling them to choose their paths, and helping them to be competent and capable in what they are interested in.

THE VIEW-" Let the Talent Speak "

The Rajagiri " Let the Talent Speak " Lecture Series brings to campus the most distinguished scholars and speakers for lectures and interactions with students and faculty. The lecture series helps achieve the objective of diffusing knowledge to inspire lasting changes in students.

Theatre Workshop

A two day theatre workshop was conducted on 17,18 November 2018 as the very first activity of The Globe. The chief resource persons for the workshop was Dr. Sujeesh C. K (Associate Professor, Sree Sankara College, Kalady and Shakespearian) and Gokul M Nair (Assistant Professor, Rajagiri College of Social Sciences). Thirty five students were selected across UG and Pg programmes offered by Rajagiri. The students were introduced to the idea of theatre, acting, script writing and performance. As an outcome of the workshop the the drama club presented a street play Men‘Us’ which exposed the double standard and harassment that males in the society have to go through for daily survival. The production was solely student driven, idea germination, development of the script, art and direction.