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Imperfectly Perfect!
Malavika Sabu
Malavika Sabu
  • General Analysis
  • 06-05-2022
Imperfectly Perfect!

Everything around the world is not perfect. Each human being is imperfect in different ways. If someone says you are perfect in everything it will be a nice compliment. It will make us more confident in doing things. But if we are imperfect, we should accept our imperfections in life and not blame ourselves or others. If and when someone teases us, we must try to find our imperfections and make us more creative.

 We all are familiar with the dialogue “I’m always imperfect at my home” uttered by Srinath Bhasi in the Malayalam movie ‘Home’. Yes, home is the place where we can be more imperfect because nobody is going to blame us for our imperfections there. All of them will help us to make ourselves perfect. It is the place where we can study or accept our imperfections.

“PERFECTIONS COME FROM IMPERFECTIONS”. One is perfect only because of his imperfection. Don’t try to be extra smart; be who you are. Try to accept yourself. “BE YOURSELF” is an important thing to keep in mind. Use all the opportunities available around us. Try to find our imperfections to become more perfect when we get a platform. 

The more I feel imperfect the more I feel alive. Be you always. Don’t be someone else. Don’t believe in outside beauty believe in your inner beauty. Imperfections come from your inner beauty.  With more imperfections, you will be more perfect.


Malavika Sabu

M.Sc Statistics with Data Science