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Will Augmented Reality Take Over The Education Sector?
Deepthi Sebastian
  • General Analysis
  • 30-04-2022
Will Augmented Reality Take Over The Education Sector?

Will Augmented Reality Take Over The Education Sector?

Education is a field where Augmented Reality has the potential to shine. Rather than teaching in an abstract way, now teachers can create virtual examples and teach efficiently. All we need is a smartphone/AR gadget and an education-based AR app installed, and we can see 3D images of the desired objects by facing the camera to required space or else to an object, and its details will be displayed. So, the features vary from app to app. Here are some latest AR apps used in the Educational Field:

•           Google Expeditions: Enables teachers to take their classes on virtual tours to places like historical landmarks, outer space and so on.

•           VR Math: Math needn’t be abstract any longer since VR Math helps students learn geometry by showing it virtually. It shows us 3D geometry, vectors and graphs through AR technology.

•           Star Walk: Provides an immersive experience of celestial space. Here users only need to point their phone towards the sky to discover planets, constellations, stars and celestial phenomena near them.

•           Elements 4D : App for studying chemistry. It shows virtually how different elements would react in reality.

•           Experience Real History: In this app certain cards are used. Those cards showcase certain important figures in history. When these cards, students learn how the two individuals interacted.


 Deepthi Sebastian

MSc Computer Science (Data Analytics)