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Master of Social Work is a Post graduate programme in social work initiated by Rajagiri School of Social Work in the year 1961, which was the pioneering Masters programme in Social Work in Kerala. MSW is a two year full time degree programme consisting of four semesters offered in two-aided batches. MSW programme through the education of social work values, principles and methods empowers students to adopt strategies and interventions to bring changes in the life of people. This programme fosters knowledge, skills and attitude of learners for delivering human services through widening the horizons of perspectives with a global standard. The curriculum of the programme offers a splendid blending of theoretical knowledge, field practicum, research, conferences and seminars.

MSW programme is envisaged to mould socially committed and professionally competent young social workers to contribute towards the social development of the country. Specializations are offered in Community Development, Family and Child Welfare and Medical and Psychiatric Social Work.


  • Developing an ambience for self-learning (svadhyaya) which is characterised by freedom, openness, approachability, flexibility, collaboration & participation, and mutual trust & respect;
  • Providing necessary theoretical inputs on the philosophy, values, methods, fields and the approaches of human service profession and human resource management;
  • Providing avenues for experiential learning for growing in social awareness and sensitivity towards social issues;
  • Promoting insight into one's personal (own) self and the purpose of professional self in the helping profession;
  • Fostering the development of proficiency in helping and managerial (human management) skills, and effective intervention strategies.
  • Helping to sharpen the skills in conceptualization, analyst and interpretation.

Why Choose MSW?

Master of Social Work (MSW) is a two-year master’s course that focuses on preparing professionals to engage in social, economic, and environmental development. The course will equip students to proactively engage with people, their psychosocial challenges, and their well-being. The program imparts knowledge and training in assessment, intervention, and evaluations of individuals, families, communities, organizations, and the society at large. Candidates who aspire to give back to society and are passionate about the welfare of human beings can choose MSW to better learn about how to impart the full benefits offered by the system to those in need. Students can hold responsible positions in the community to bring about real changes that uplift the standard of living in our society. 


What Does an MSW Graduate Do?

After successful completion of the two-year master's course, students have a wide range of opportunities to work both in the government and private sectors if they graduate from one of the reputed MSW colleges in India like Rajagiri College of Social Sciences. They can opt for careers in government departments and ministries like the Ministry of Labour & Employment, Ministry of Social Justice, Ministry of Women & Child Affairs, etc. Besides, they can find attractive job opportunities in the hospital sector as well as in the Human Resource. Those who wish to be of service to the underprivileged can join recognized NGOs and other Non-profit organizations that visit underdeveloped rural areas across the country to improve the quality of life. 


Reasons Why MSW Can Fetch You a Rewarding Career?

Social work is a very rewarding yet emotionally difficult career option. Professionals join difficult work settings to assist individuals experiencing tough challenges, and they frequently find themselves assisting with crisis circumstances such as mental health or abuse problems. International NGOs and organizations such as UNESCO, UNICEF, and WHO give their social workers better wages and benefits. Salaries at non-governmental organizations (NGOs) are partly determined by their financial means, and many international organizations pay generously. In India, the average income for a Social Worker is between INR 2 and 3 lac per year. You may anticipate higher income as you get more experience and responsibility. A social worker's annual pay in the United States is more than $42K.


Preparation Tips for MSW

Any graduate with a minimum of 50% of the marks/ scores can apply for the MSW programme in Rajagiri. If not a percentage, an equivalent CGPA must exist.     The MSW course has field practice training and that constitutes a major aspect of the social work education because it is through such experiences that the theory-practice integration takes place.MSW admission in Rajagiri is based on the national level entrance exam (Rajagiri Social Work Entrance Examination- RSEE) and GD and Interview.MSW Colleges in India do provide due importance to field education. Hence the MSW Syllabus, in addition to classroom training, has extensive fieldwork and research training. This course is available to students of all ages. MSW is now a very popular and in-demand education in India, with candidates having a wide range of work opportunities upon graduation.


Career Options After Master of Social Work

Graduates of social work studies usually get careers opportunities such as community development professionals, project officers, probation officers, medical social workers, Psychiatric Social Workers, school social workers, advice workers, careers advisers, charity officers, volunteer coordinators, social policy analysts, counselors, Field Investigator, Documentation and Communication Officer, Professor/Lecturer among many others in India. Learning MSW from one of the best MSW colleges in India like Rajagiri College of Social Sciences will put you in the top percentile of students who graduate every year. Our placement opportunities and faculty members are highly sought after in India. Talk to our expert career guidance counselor to understand more about the prospects of the course. 


Skills That Make You the Best after MSW

A true passion for social work is critical to succeeding in a career in MSW as compared to other career options. Being compassionate as well as being well informed about the current socio-economic conditions of your local as well as national and global surroundings is of key importance. Cases containing an ethical or legal component are frequently handled by social workers. One of the most crucial qualities to have as a social worker is a strong ethical compass.

Social workers do the paperwork for each client they visit and keep a record of their interactions, observations, notes, and each plan of action they devise. It may be a humiliating experience for a person contacting a social worker to reach out and ask for what they require. When social workers respond with empathy, their clients feel affirmed rather than criticized. Having strong communication skills and the willingness to learn new languages will go a long way in making the job easier.