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Academic Programs


The Master of Business Administration is a two year full time programme spread over four semesters and a summer internship. The first semester lays the foundation in fundamentals of management. The second semester lays the foundation in the functional areas of management. The third and fourth semesters focus on in depth knowledge in the areas of specialization. Specializations are offered in the areas of finance, Marketing, Operations and Information Systems. Keeping in mind the complexity of business, all students are required to take up dual specialization.

Since RCSS is an autonomous institution, the curriculum is designed by the department to enable students to evolve into professionally competent managers, ready for the challenges of any organization. The Programme specific objectives of the MBA programme of RCSS are as follows:

Programme Specific Objectives for MBA

On completion of the MBA programme

  • Our graduates will have effective problem solving skills
  • Our graduates will communicate effectively in business contexts
  • Our graduates will demonstrate integrative thinking

Our graduates will demonstrate socially responsible behaviour

Rajagiri Immersive Learning Experience

At Department of Management, RCSS, the curriculum is designed to enable students to develop their competencies and capabilities so that they excel in every domain of life. The Rajagiri Immersive Learning Experience Methodology is a pedagogical innovation of the department. Along with academics, students are exposed to programmes and activities which prepare them to manage and lead in challenging environments. The methodology is based on four dimensions: Conceptual Learning, Experiential Engagement, Executive Modelling and Corporate Competency. The various activities under these dimensions help transform the Rajagirians into professionally competent and socially sensitive individuals.

Conceptual Learning

Through case discussion, lectures and seminars students are introduced the concepts and theoretical framework of management and business. Students are also introduced into the world of business through business update sessions and research projects.

Experiential Engagement

The experiential engagement activities help students get immersed into the practical realm of management through various activities like Rural Sensitization Camp, Vanavasam, field work, field projects etc., and students learn from doing experience.

Executive Modelling

RCBS ensures that the students develop the winning abilities and skills to create a great impression at work and advance in their professional life. Through various activities students are groomed to improve their communication skills, interpersonal skills, analytical skills and put on the winning attitude.

Corporate Competency

Students are made industry ready through continuous interaction with industry professionals. Summer internship, industry visits and industry interactions give students hands on experience on how organizations function and give them rare insights into real time managerial issues.