Admissions 2020

Academic Programs

M.Sc. Psychology

The two-year M.Sc. psychology programme is divided into four semesters, each of six months duration. The weekly schedule for a psychology trainee in the first three semesters consists of four days in-campus lecture programs (six hours per day) and two days concurrent clinical fieldwork. The final semester also includes a one month consolidated block placement, in accordance with the specialization i.e. Clinical Psychology. In the fourth semester, each student is expected to have practical exposure based on his/her area of specialization i.e. Clinical Psychology. The student has to do the internship for a minimum of 10 hrs per week, thus making a total of 200 hours by the end of the fourth semester. This is to be one under the supervision of a teacher and the student has to submit a report on his activities in the institution/setting (clinical setting/ organization/ school setting/community/sport institution/forensic setting). The student should also do case study and submit 5 individual cases of relevance as separate work. Apart from internal evaluation, both the report and case study will be evaluated for the external examination.

The student has to do a dissertation based on a topic of his own choice and under the supervision of a teacher. The project work shall begin by the third semester. The student has to plan a research proposal and make an initial synopsis presentation wherein he introduces the problem, its relevance, the method, expected outcome etc., and internal evaluation of the presentation will be made. The supervising teacher will monitor the student’s progress in the study which will be evaluated internally. The final project report has to be submitted in the prescribed format (APA guidelines) by the end of the fourth semester which will be evaluated for the external examination. The student should produce a synopsis of his research work for the external examination and also make a power point presentation of the same.

The trainees are assessed through internally by the College and externally by the University. There will be a comprehensive viva at the end of the fourth semester based on the theory papers the student has covered in the four semesters, which will be evaluated externally.