Admissions 2024

Academic Programs

B.Sc. Computer Science(Hons.) Data Analytics

The four-year Bachelor of Science (Hons.) program in Computer Science with a specialization in Data Analytics is meticulously designed to meet the increasing demand for skilled professionals in the field of data analysis. Rooted in a comprehensive understanding of computer science principles and data analytics techniques, our program equips students with the knowledge and practical skills needed to excel in the rapidly evolving data-driven industry. Affiliated with Mahatma Gandhi University, Kottayam, Kerala, India, our B.Sc. program offers a comprehensive curriculum that covers a wide range of subjects including programming languages, data management, statistical analysis, machine learning, and data visualization. Through hands-on projects, practical labs, and industry-aligned coursework, students gain proficiency in data collection, processing, analysis, and interpretation. In addition, students also explore programming for those aspiring to pursue careers in programming, alongside their focus on data analytics.

Upon completion of the four-year program, graduates have the opportunity to pursue advanced studies at the postgraduate level or enter the workforce directly as data analysts, data scientists, business analysts, or software developers. With a solid foundation in computer science and specialized training in data analytics, our B.Sc. graduates are poised for successful careers in the dynamic and ever-expanding field of data analytics.

Certifications Offered:

1. B.Sc. Computer science (Hons.) Data Analytics with Certified Azure Data Scientist Associate

2. B.Sc. Computer science (Hons.) Data Analytics with PCAP certified associate in python programming

Microsoft Certified Azure Data Scientist Associate

The Microsoft Certified Azure Data Scientist Associate credential involves overseeing data ingestion and preparation, as well as managing model training, deployment, and monitoring of machine learning solutions. This is accomplished using Python, Azure Machine Learning, and MLflow.

PCAP certified associate in python programming

The PCAP – Certified Associate Python Programmer certification emphasizes the Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) methodology in Python, demonstrating the candidate's proficiency in advanced programming concepts. This includes essential knowledge of OOP fundamentals, module and package essentials, exception handling mechanisms, advanced string operations, list comprehensions, lambdas, generators, closures, and file processing. PCAP certification instills confidence in individuals' programming abilities, distinguishes them in the competitive job market, and accelerates their progress toward professional advancement. Holding this certification provides a solid foundation in Python programming and prepares individuals for further career growth and development in the field.

Program Structure

  1. The 4-year B.Sc. Computer Science programme has three options,
    1. 3-year UG Degree with major in Computer Science
    2. 4-year UG Degree (Honours), and
    3. 4-year UG Degree (Honours with Research).
  2. Students who choose to exit after 3 years shall be awarded UG Degree in Computer Science after the successful completion of the required minimum of Courses of 136 credits.
  3. A four-year UG Honours Degree in the Computer Science shall be awarded to those who complete with a specific number of Courses of minimum 180 credits.
  4. Honours students can take up a capstone project of 12 credits along with 2 MOOC courses based on the specialization track Data Analytics.
  5. In the programmes, the emphasis is on credits rather than a fixed duration, allowing for different lengths/durations of programmes.
  6. Students will be offered the opportunity to take breaks during the programme and resume after the break, but the total duration for completing the programme shall not exceed 8 years

Honours with Research

If the student has achieved a minimum of 75% marks in all six semesters of the degree, they are eligible to apply for the honours programme with a research option. The department will publish a ranking of the students based on their academic performance and research aptitude, which will be evaluated using a suitable selection criterion. Out of the total number of students, only 5% are eligible to choose the research option. These students are selected from the previously indicated rank list. Students who aspire to pursue research as a career may opt for honours with research have to take Research courses along with a research project of total 12 credits and 2 MOOC Courses. Students who have chosen the honours with research stream shall do their entire fourth year under the mentorship of a faculty member who shall be a recognized research supervisor.