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The International centre for Consortium Research in

Social Care Disciplines

The International centre for Consortium Research in Social Care Disciplines brings together researchers across the world to design social care practice models, to integrate health care systems, to promote health and wellbeing and to develop health policies through evidence based interventions. It helps in bridging the gap between Knowledge and Practice and to strengthen the field of Social Care Research. 

The creation of this consortium brings together researchers and practitioners from different disciplines across the world to conduct multicentre research in the field of health and mental health to enhance health standards of the community. The centre collaborates with the experts in diverse disciplines such as medicine, public health, social work, psychology, nursing and health policy. The inter-disciplinary nature of the consortium strengthens its ability to generate evidence based interventions and policies for the promotion of health and wellbeing.

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Objectives of the centre

  • Bringing the researchers in different fields of social care in national and international level to work on the major themes like health, mental health, community health care and health policy
  • Development of relevant research themes each year and carry out multi- sectorial, multi-disciplinary, multi-dimensional and multi-centred research in collaboration with the consortium members.
  • Submitting joint research proposals to the national and international funders (agencies and sponsors)
  • Development of research competencies among consortium research members through mutual exchange of knowledge and resources.
  • Bringing out quality publications in high impact national and international journals


Membership in the Centre

Potential partners can join the consortium according to the regulations and directives validated by the core committee. Researchers are required to sign an agreement on the collaboration, confidentiality maintenance and mutual responsibilities.

  • Each member of the consortium is entitled to contribute to the research activities and development.
  • The members will include researchers, practitioners and academicians both nationally and internationally from the fields of health care, mental health, public health and social work.
  • Researchers are expected to continue their responsibilities during the specified period mentioned in the agreement.


Major projects under the consortium:

  1. UGC-UKIERI PROJECT (Know more...)
  2. ICSSR – IMPRESS (Know more...)