Admissions 2024


Rajagiri Funded Projects

Ongoing Projects
Sl.No Name of Principal Investigator Topic Year Total
1 Dr.Jiya Jose Novel hydrogel formulations with antimicrobial and wound healing properties for the treatment of chronic wounds 2023 50,000/-
2 Dr. Rajiv Gandhi Gopalsamy In vitro and in silico antioxidant and anti-diabetic, antiarthritic, tyrosinase inhibition potential of Moringa concanensis Nimmo and Pisonia grandis R.Br. and Aristolochia bracteolate Lam. 2023 75,000/-
3 Dr. Nycil Romis Thomas Forced Farmer Migration in Kuttanad, Kerala and its Mental Health Consequences: A Mixed Method Inquiry 2023 25,000/-
4 Ms.Shiji N A study on Community- Based Disaster Preparedness: In the Flood-Prone Area of Ernakulam District with Special Reference to Eloor Municipality 2023 25,000/-
5 Mr.Diljith K Benny Detection and classification of traumatic abdominal injuries using Machine learning techniques 2023 25,000/-
6 Ms.Ann Kurian The lived experience of informal caregivers of terminally ill patients in a palliative care setting: a phenomenological study from India. 2023 25,000/-
7 Dr. Rajeev S P An Analysis of Functional Social Support and Well-being of Single Mothers in Kerala. 2023 25,000/-
8 Dr. Pradeep P N Fostering Entrepreneurial Aspiration and Motivation among Under Graduate Students 2023 25,000/-
9 Dr. Antony Ceaser Green synthesis and characterization of zinc oxide nanoparticle using peel extract of Myristica fragrans: a potential vector control mediator against third instar Aedes aegypti mosquito 2023 50,000/-
10 Dr. Antony Ceaser Development and optimization of protocol for CRISPR/Cas9-mediated genome editing in small milets 2023 50,000/-
11 Dr. Saju M D Feasibility of a social casework intervention to reduce caregiver strain among caregivers of people with disability 2022 50,000/-
12 Mathew T John Act it out:Studying the effects of an after hours drama club on BSW year 1 students 2022 25,000/-
13 Roshan Ravi Fintech: Prevailing Realities of Social Inclusion of Migrant Workers 2021 25,000/-
14 George Joseph, stock index prediction using machine learning for Indian stock market 2021 25,000/-
15 Tomy Thomas An empirical study on the perception of millennials towards brand activism  2021 25,000/-
16 Mahesh K.M Impact of Behavioral Biases on Investment Decisions: Crypto Currencies 2021 25,000/-
17 Riya Mary, Psycho Socio Economic Cultural and Ethical Determinants of Indian consumers’ planned green purchase behaviour 2021 17,500/-
Completed Projects
Sl.No Name of Principal Investigator Topic Year Total
1 Dr.Jessy Fenn A Study of Quality of life, Body Image, and Social Connectedness and Quality of Life of Transgender Individuals who have undergone SRS. 2022 25,000/-
2 Gokul M Nair Postpartum: Awareness and Education among the young.  2022 25,000/-
3 Shiju Thomas M Y Securing the health care system using encryption 2022 25,000/-
4 Dr. Rajiv Gandhi Gopalsamy In vitro and in silico antioxidant and anti-diabetic potential of dietary flavonoids from citrus sinensis fruit peel with diabetes-specific markers 2022 50,000/-
5 Dr. Antony Ceaser Analysis of iron transporters in millets to understand and improve the nutrient fortification 2021 93,429/-
6 Dr.N.M.Krishnakumar, Evaluation of the chemical composition and bioactivity of essential oil isolated from clausena austroindica, an important medicinal plant. 2021 50,000/-