Admissions 2024


About Rajagiri MRP

Rajagiri College of Social Sciences (Autonomous) envisages a responsive role with a vision to promote faculty scholarship and intellectual contributions through academic research in all the functional areas. In its endeavour to promote academic research and publication, Rajagiri encourages its faculty members to undertake various research assignments that can have an impact on the society, business and other stakeholders. This research assignment has its focus on wide ranging topics related to the economy, society, industry, Government agencies etc. in the form of Minor research projects and Major Research Projects (MRPs). The research assignments undertaken by the members of the faculty are expected to be scholarly, in the sense that they are based on generally accepted research principles, validated by peers and are disseminated to the appropriate audience.  Faculty are also expected to initiate innovation throughout their research assignment, and to ensure that the research output contributes to theory, practice and teaching-learning process.

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