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Theme: Marketing in an economic downturn

After enjoying market success for a number of years, it’s easy to dismiss changes in the market, over-hire, and spend too much. In a slowing economy, overconfidence can lead a firm into all kinds of trouble, even disaster. The marketing strategy, should be adaptive, responsive and agile to the changed circumstances of downturn, but at the same time enable the firm to stay focused for the long term.


Contributions are invited in the following area but not limited to.

  • Insight driven Marketing
  • Digital Marketing
  • Social media Marketing
  • Mobile Marketing


Marketing in Recession

  • Client retention
  • Enhancing brand awareness and reputation
  • Managing an increasing sales cycles
  • E-commerce
  • Retailing
  • Branding
  • Causal Marketing
  • Ethical issues in Marketing


  • Developing measurable campaigns
  • Increasing direct marketing investments
  • No Cost, Low cost marketing


Pre-Conference workshop-Feb 07, 2020

One-Day Workshop on 'Philosophical Underpinning and Qualitative Research Methodology' is to provide participants with an essential knowledge and overall understanding about philosophical basis and qualitative approaches in social science research.

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AICTE Sponsored One Week Short Term Training Programme On "Business Research and Data Analysis using SPSS and Structural Equation Modelling (SEM) using AMOS" on 25th - 30th November 2019 Organised by, Rajagiri School of Management, Rajagiri College of Social Sciences (Autonomous). Participation of short term training programme (STTP) will be considered for career advancement scheme.

Important Dates

  • Last Date for Registration: 16.11.2019
  • Intimation of Acceptance: 18.11.2019

Address for Communication

  • Rajagiri School of Management Rajagiri Valley, Kakkanad Kochi - 682 039
  • Phone: +91 484 - 2426554
  • Email:


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Financial management and physical resource management in libraries or in any other organization is inseparably bound together. The techniques of financial management   deals with obtaining funds, budgeting and proper accounting them for use. If academic libraries are to survive providing active support in teaching and research, they must be sensitive to changing conditions within their internal and in the external environment. Financial management is also an important part of a Librarian’s / Institutional Administrator’s duty which includes planning, allocation of resources and control.
​​In the accreditation process proper budgeting and accounting of an institution’s financial resources is highly significant.  Hence this workshop tries to throw some insight into the various aspects of financial management of Libraries in an organization.

This workshop spans over two days and  will focus on discussions by experts  on

  • Govt. Policies and Regulations regarding E-Governance in Educational Institutions
  • Good governance and related areas
  •  E-tendering : Procedures and Issues
  •  Information security 
  • Higher education policies and regulations for College Libraries
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In the knowledge economy, work is defined by the increasing role of data, technology, and the importance of human factors. As a result, businesses today are expected to have mastery over complexity, agility, analytics, and inclusiveness. HR professionals have challenges including understanding the changing business requirements, attracting the right talents, and creating an inclusive and engaging workplace for positive employee experience. The area of human resource also faces the threat of becoming less relevant or being redundant. HR professionals have to use technology to deliver solutions, understand the changing sociocultural environment, be watchful of global trends and collaborate with different functions to address these challenges.

Objective of the Conference
This conference aims to provide a platform to academicians, industry experts,research scholars, and management students to share knowledge and experiences on the role of HR in the changing work environment.

Conference Themes:
Original papers on the following indicative topics, but not limited to, are invited:
HR Analytics                                             Employer Branding
Managing Millennials                                Changing work values
Talent management                                  Value congruence
Managing workforce diversity                   Green Jobs
Skill gap                                                    Labour law Reforms
Effect of Industry 4.0 on HR
Decent jobs

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DYUTI 2020

DYUTI 2020 is a two-day national conference aimed at bringing together scholars, academicians and practitioners for deliberations on issues related to migration and social inclusion in the light of human rights perspective. The theme of the 20th edition of DYUTI is on “Migration and Social Inclusion: Perspectives for Human Rights and Social Work Practice”

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It is our distinct pleasure to invite you and your colleagues to attend the Rajagiri HR Fraternity Meet 2019 which is jointly organized by Rajagiri Business School, Rajagiri College of Social Sciences, National Institute of Personnel Management Kerala Chapter, National HRD Network, Cochin Chapter and Oracle.

Date: 29th November 2019, Friday, Starting from 5.00 PM
Venue: Rajagiri Business School, Rajagiri Valley, Kakkanad

The meet consists of multiple sessions where Mr. S Venkatesh, Group President - HR, RPG Group will be the keynote speaker and he will have a fireside chat with Prof. Vijayan Pankajakshan, Dean -HR, WE School, Mumbai on the topic "Contribution of HR Profession to the Success of India Inc - Journeys completed and Opportunities Ahead”. This will be followed by a session on "Techtonic Shifts in HR Tech" by Mr. Hardeep Singh, Head, HCM Strategy, Oracle India and a talk on "Weaving HR solutions by Design Thinking" by Mr. U S Vineesh, renowned consultant on Design Thinking and Gamification. The event will be concluded with cultural activities and dinner.

Requesting you to  confirm  your participation latest by 28th November, Thursday, 5.00 pm by clicking the link given below. There is no registration fee charged for this program.

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