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Department of Psychology in Rajagiri College of Social Sciences is organizing a 3rd National Online Conference on CAREERS IN PSYCHOLOGY on 08,09, and 10 June 2023 in association with MINDWEAVERS. NOCCP 2023 aims to provide undergraduate and postgraduate psychology students from all over the world with an orientation to the vast array of career options available in Psychology.

International Conference on Millets: Breeding, Physiology, Genomics, Biotechnology, and Nutraceuticals-2023 (ICM-BPGBN-2023)


About the Conference

Climate-resilient cereals are crucial for increasing food in the future due to the increasing population and global climate change. Millets are considered a climate-resilient cereal globally. Millets are one of the primary sources of food and fodder crops, particularly in Asia and Africa. Millets provide essential nutrients and energy to humans. They also help to reduce various diseases, particularly obesity and cardiovascular diseases. However, compared to other major cereals, modern genetic and genomic research is lagging for millets although they possess excellent agronomical and nutrient-supplementation traits. Hence, the United Nations has declared 2023 the “International Year of Millets (#IYOM2023), considering their key role in promoting climate-resilient agriculture and nutrient supplementation among the rural population. The conference’s main aim is to bring together diverse millet researchers to deliberate on the current status of millet research and discuss the way forward. This conference covers diverse studies on understanding and improving millets through biotechnological molecular-assisted breeding, functional genomics, and genome editing approaches. This conference also covers the millet products, processing, nutritional importance and health benefits of millet foods. Overall, this conference aims to provide an avenue for millet researchers to exchange knowledge on millet research and develop collaborative networks.

Subjected areas

Breeding and Crop Improvement: Genetic diversity, Genotyping, Phenotyping, MAS & MAB, QTL, GWAS, SNP, etc

Functional Genomics: Genome sequencing, Candidate gene validation, RNAseq, Bioinformatics, Proteomics, etc

Genetic Transformation & Genome Editing: Millet tissue culture, Millet transformation (Agrobacterium, Biolistic, & protoplast-mediated), Transgenic, Genome editing, etc.

Physiology & Abiotic stress: Plant physiology, Stress physiology (Drought, heat, metal, cold, etc.)

Nutrients and Nutraceuticals: Millet nutrients, Millet food, Millet healing effects, millet health benefits, millet nutraceuticals, etc

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