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Ongoing Projects


Project Co-ordinator : Dr Anish K.R.

Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Australia   &     Rajagiri College of Social Sciences (Autonomous)

Project  Title : “Developing a Health Care Practice Model for Indian Social Work”

Supported by  Australia India Council, Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Australia Government

Principal Participants: 

  • Dr Helen Cleak Associate Professor, Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Australia
  • Dr Anish K.R. Head of the Department, Department of Social Work, Rajagiri College of Social Sciences (Autonomous), Kochi, India

This project will develop the skills, knowledge and experience of leaders in social work education and practice in India. It supports and enhances leadership capacity through focused training of health care practitioners and academics to address the development of appropriate social work health care interventions in Kochi, India. Health experts have identified three significant health issues: Oncology, cardiovascular disease, and family violence as the most pressing service/skills and training deficits in health social workers employed in hospitals across India. 
The program will focus on the enhancement of leadership and educational capacity, using best practice principles for working in acute/subacute care settings, using the input of social workers from the Princess Alexandra Hospital and academics from QUT who have expertise in health curriculum. This project will also develop core health care curriculum for programs at the Rajagiri College to ensure the future training of health social workers.

1.    The development of training tools that will be delivered to Indian social work practitioners at a workshop in November, 2018.
2.    Indian social workers will develop skills and knowledge to work in an Indian hospital setting
3.    The model to be used will build a pool of competent trainers to educate future social work practitioners.

Project duration: 2017-2019

Project Outlay: AUD 88468.00