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Institutional Values

Gender Equity and Sensitization


Gender sensitisation activities at Rajagiri are conducted based on an Annual Gender-Sensitisation Action-Plan.

  • At campus level, activities for students, faculty and staff are organised.
  • At community level, women empowerment, awareness programmes and skill development programmes are conducted.
  • Gender based dissertation studies and research projects are conducted at Rajagiri.
  • Self-defence classes are organised for girl-students.
  • Sensitisation activities in tribal-hamlets are conducted through women-empowerment programmes
  • “Rajagiri Tots-care and Play school” (Estd.1987) which started as a support facility for Rajagiri employees and as a live-lab is open for public now.


     >>Activity Report 2021-22
     >>Facilities for Women in the Campus (View Gallery)

Waste Management System


Rajagiri adapts itself to the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, the most significant cleanliness campaign by the Government of India, through its active participation in various waste management initiatives. The institute was ranked second by the MHRD ministry in Swachchata rankings(2019) – Residential category.

  • MoUs with Government and other agencies
  • Programmes conducted at Rajagiri on Waste Management
  • Facilities for Waste management (View photo gallery)

Efforts in providing an inclusive environment


Rajagiri is a collective hub of diversities considering the linguistic, regional, communal and socioeconomic background of staff, students and society who form Rajagiri’s integral constituents. Various activities/programmes organized in Rajagiri celebrates the harmony of this collective inclusiveness.

    >>Activity Report 2021-22

Sensitization of students/employees to Constitutional Obligations


Rajagiri takes initiatives in organizing various events and programmes for moulding the students and staff to become responsible citizens by sensitizing them to the constitutional obligations: values, rights, duties and responsibilities of the citizens.

     >>Activity Report 2021-22

Celebrations of National/International commemorative days


To promote national integrity and to appreciate the unification of cultural and religious identities of India, Rajagiri celebrates various festivals/days/events of national/international importance with pomp and splendour.

      >>Activity Report 2021-22