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“Rajagiri Immersive Learning Experience”

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the education scenario world-over. With the sudden shift away from the campus, Rajagiri has taken measures so that students adapt to the Rajagiri Immersive Learning Experience in the online mode too. This unique experience towards “Enriching and Fulfilling LIFE” has been catalyzed by the four pillars namely,

  • Dimension 1 – Conceptual Learning: Concepts and theoretical framework are delivered through well-paced online classes with methodologies that involve case methods, lectures, debates etc.  Students are offered with various certifications (ACCA, CIMA etc.) proper career guidance, NET/GATE and MOOC courses for the fast learners while slow learners are brought into the academic stream with remedial classes, tutoring system and peer-learning circles, in the online mode.
  • Dimension 2- Experiential Engagement: Field works, projects etc. are provided to students in the online mode for exposure to professional social-work practise leading to experiential learning and commitment to the vision of enriching and fulfilling life. Various live labs like Rajagiri outREACH, (Rajagiri Educational Alternatives and Community Health), State Level Empaneled Training Institution (ETI) for National Service Scheme, CHILDLINE Nodal Centre, Rajagiri Centre for Sustainable Livelihoods(RCSD) and RAJAGIRI TRANSCEND (To Reach out and Nurture Social Commitments and Enable Newer Dimensions) worked for the betterment of the students and the community in the online mode.
  • Dimension 3- Executive Modeling/Professional Competency: Key skills like communication, analytical skills etc. are inculcated through various training programmes.
  • Dimension 4- Corporate Competency/Civic Society Engagement: In the online mode too, students are made ready for society through a continuous interaction with industry professionals.