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“Rajagiri Immersive Learning (RIL)” - a unique experience towards “Enriching and Fulfilling LIFE”

RCSS vision and missions evolve from “Chavarul” penned by founder, St. Kuriakose Elias Chavara. Advancing into the Golden Jubilee, RCSS is living the founder’s dreams by its pioneering efforts for “enriching and fulfilling LIFE”. This is achieved by “Rajagiri Immersive Learning”, an inclusion of activities and engagements involving students, faculty, community and environment.

The Distinctiveness

RIL Methodology:

  • Pedagogical innovation to develop Rajagirians into socially-responsible human-beings
  • Programmes designed to mould value-based, socially-responsible, competent, industry-ready citizens
  • Carefully drafted activities/events designed to create lasting change in student personality
  • Transformation to industry-ready, socially sensitive and complete individuals

RIL is based on four dimensions:

Dimension 1 – Conceptual Learning, where students are introduced to concepts and theoretical framework through projects, case methods, lectures, debates etc. and thus, into real-world.

  • Global outlook of curriculum-development initiatives with equivalence for social-work courses by CASW, NASW-CSWE, AASW and NZASW USA, enhancing global competence and employability of students
  • Functional MoUs with professional organizations such as ACCA and CIMA (UK) making the B. Com and BBA students eligible for exemption of 9 out of 14 ACCA courses and 9 out of 16 CIMA courses respectively
  • MBA curriculum in line with standards of Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP), USA, enhancing global relevance
  • MCA specialisation-tracks - a pioneering initiative in the country
  • Participation of students and faculty in international field placements, summer schools, cross-cultural research projects and conferences
  • Proper career guidance with NET/GATE and MOOC courses for fast learners and remedial classes, tutoring system and peer-learning circles for slow learners


Dimension 2- Experiential Engagement, where students experience practical life through innovative methodologies like Rural-Sensitization Camp, Vanavasam, Fieldworks, projects etc. For professional social-work practise, various live labs function in campus:

  • Rajagiri outREACH, (Rajagiri Educational Alternatives and Community Health) specialising in Social-Impact Assessment Studies,   Research and Consultancy/Need-Assessment Studies, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Child-Centered Programmes, Youth-Development Programmes, Women Entrepreneurship Programmes, Programmes for Elderly, Environment & Natural Resource Management, Community-Health Programmes, HIV/AIDS Project/ Suraksha Migrant Projects, Disaster Management Training Programmes and student internship for the past seven decades
  • State Level Empanelled Training Institution (ETI) offering refresher and orientation programmes for NSS Officers of colleges in Kerala-Lakshadweep for past five decades
  • State Level Headquarters of Indian Council of Social Welfare (ICSW) since 3rd October 1954 with its state office in Rajagiri with 14 District Branches
  • CHILDLINE Nodal Centre in Ernakulam District, focusing on schools, Anganawadis and residential areas to identify and solve issues faced by children.
  • Middle Level Training Centre (MLTC), the only training centre in Kerala imparting training to Supervisors of Integrated Child Development Scheme (ICDS) from Kerala, Pondicherry and Lakshadweep for past four decades
  • Rajagiri Centre for Sustainable Livelihoods (RCSD) imparting professional skills and knowledge to the marginalised
  • RAJAGIRI TRANSCEND, the social arm of RCSS facilitating students to explore co-curricular involvement on campus and beyond.


Dimension 3- Executive Modeling/Professional Competence where students are moulded into complete individuals by inculcation of key skills like communication, analytical skills etc. through various training programmes

  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Centre (IEDC) for instilling entrepreneurial skills 
  • Collaboration of society, faculty and students to undertake research programmes
  • Regular Executive Grooming, Personality Development and Skill Development sessions
  • 54 functional MoUs with partner universities to provide international internships, webinars in various disciplines for a multicultural learning environment
  • Associations with various International /National/State departments/Corporate agencies with focus on gender equity promotion, Development and Implementation of Water & Sanitation Projects, Enhancement of indigenous medicine, knowledge, art and culture of tribal population, Road Safety Advocacy Programmes and Science Popularization Programmes
  • Enrichment Lectures on topics of societal relevance


Dimension 4- Corporate Competency/Civic Society Engagement, where students are made ready for society through continuous interaction with industry professionals.

  • Internships, summer projects, guided seminars, industrial visits, lectures, live projects, simulation, aptitude training and communication labs
  • Functioning as CSR-implementing partner for several organisations
  • Active consultant in framing Juvenile Justice Rules and Policies for the State Adoption Resource Agency – SARA, Kerala
  • State co-ordinator for adoption activities in the State from 1990 till 2017
  • Research in domains of health and well-being, with collaboration/sponsorship with GoI/GoK/UKIERI/IMPRESS leading to policy formulation


Way forward…

RCSS aims at moulding professionals with humanitarian empathy by exposing stakeholders to   real-life situations and building up their social conscience progressing towards its vision. BODHI, the annual strategic planning exercise of RCSS involving faculty, continuously revisits the RIL and scales up the process. New ground has been broken by sustainable initiatives which focus on marginalized society, waste management, and renewable energy sources and environment-friendly initiatives. RIL helps to relentlessly march towards excellence by learning and serving, as in the motto and thus pioneering in its efforts for “Enriching and Fulfilling LIFE”.