M.Lib.I.Sc Admission 2021



Institutional Distinctiveness

Two–thronged Approach of “Rajagiri Immersive Learning Experience(RILE)”

Rajagiri Immersive Learning Expereience is a pedagogical innovation of Rajagiri which aims to develop the Rajagirians into a socially responsible human being. It consists of a set of programmes designed to mould value-based, socially-responsible, competent, industry-ready citizens. The methodology consists of carefully drafted activities and events designed to create a lasting change in the student’s personality.


 The RILE is based on four dimensions:


Dimension 1 – Conceptual Learning, where students are introduced to concepts and theoretical framework. The methodology involves case methods, lectures, debates etc. Students are also introduced into the world of social realities, new methods of through business update sessions and projects.


Dimension 2- Experiential Engagement, where students are immersed into practical realm of life through various innovative methodologies like Rural Sensitization Camp, Vanavasam, Field works, projects etc. For exposure to professional social-work practise leading to experiential learning and commitment to the vision of enriching and fulfilling life, various live labs function in the campus namely Rajagiri outREACH, (Rajagiri Educational Alternatives and Community Health) , State Level Empanelled Training Institution (ETI) for National Service Scheme, State Level Headquarters of Indian Council of Social Welfare (ICSW) , CHILDLINE Nodal Centre in Ernakulam , Middle Level Training Centre(MLTC), Rajagiri Centre for Sustainable Livelihoods(RCSD) and RAJAGIRI TRANSCEND (To Reach out and Nurture Social Commitments and Enable Newer Dimensions).


Dimension 3- Executive Modeling/Professional Competence, where students are moulded into complete individuals. Key skills like communication, analytical skills etc. are inculcated through various training programmes.


Dimension 4- Corporate Competency/Civic Society Engagement, where students are made ready for society through a continuous interaction with industry professionals.


BODHI, the annual strategic planning exercise of RCSS continuously revisits the RILE and scales up the process periodically.


The main objective of Rajagiri Immersive Learning Experience is to provide a unique experience towards Enriching and Fulfilling LIFE. The Two Perspectives of Immersive Learning are at the Institutional level and the Student level.

The Institutional Level focus on to Strengthening Institutional Competency through developing various institutional initiatives like Rajagiri OutReach, Transcend, Incubation Centre, Curriculum, Foreign Collaborations, developing people competencies, FDP, Training, with “Student” at the centre of all initiatives.

The second focus is on Demonstrating the competency and values by showcasing the competency of all stakeholders by doing what we teach. This is achieved through activities like Rajagiri Basar, NSS Training and the Consultancy Division. Immersive Learning as Pedagogy at the Student level includes a set of programs designed to create Value-based, Socially responsible, Competent, Industry ready /employable Graduates. This is achieved through Holistic Development, Purposeful Learning and Learn by Doing.

RILE helps Rajagirians to transform into socially sensitive ,industry-ready and complete individuals. It gives freedom to faculty to select the best pedagogy with respect to the subject without compromising on dimensions, so that students are enabled to “Enriching and Fulfilling LIFE”.


This Continuous Development framework helps us to evaluate and strengthen each perspective and pedagogical dimensions by adopting the best practices across various domains and departments within and outside the institution