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Department of Social Work


Eligibility Criteria:

A candidate who has passed the Post-graduate Examination in any discipline of Mahatma Gandhi University or of other Universities recognized as equivalent thereto securing not less than 55% marks in the aggregate shall be eligible to apply for registration for Ph.D. For SC/ST candidates, the minimum marks required for application is 50% in the aggregate in the Postgraduate Examination. When the application is made for registration at an approved Research Centre other than the University Departments, the application shall be accompanied by letters of consent from the Head of the Research Centre (The College Principal in the case of an affiliated college centre) where the applicant proposes to work as well as from the Supervising Teacher under whom he/she proposesto work.

Mode of Admission:

Admission to the Ph.D programmes shall be made on the basis of (a) the qualifying degree marks; (b) a written aptitude test; and (c) an interview. However, UGC-CSIR JRF candidates (and awardees of other similar Fellowship. Including the KSCST and INSPIRE Fellowships) and UGC Teacher Fellows can be admitted directly into the Ph.D. programme. They are not required to appear in the written test and shall be accommodated against available seats, provided the Doctoral Committee is satisfied with their performance in the interview.

Aptitude Test/Interview

Only candidates who acquire 50% marks in the written test will be called for the interview. The following University Departments shall conduct the research aptitude tests in the subjects indicated:

  • School of Gandhian Thought and Development Studies (Gandhian Studies, Social Work, Development Studies)
  • School of Social Sciences (History, Anthropology, Sociology, Philosophy)
  • School of Management and Business Studies (Management Studies, Business Administration) Applications for admission to Ph.D research in the University Departments shall be made to the Head of the Department concerned.

 Applications for admission to the approved Research Centres shall be made to the Registrar.

Exemption from the Written Test

Apart from JRF candidates and UGC Teacher Fellows, the following categories of candidates are exempted from appearing for the Written Aptitude Test.

  • M.Phil and M.Tech (all disciplines), MD (Medicine) and MS (Medicine) holders in the subject of research concerned.
  •  Regular and permanent teachers from the Government and Aided Colleges affiliated to Mahatma Gandhi University and from the University Departments.
  •  Candidates who have become qualified in the NET/SLET/GATE/GPAT or other Tests conducted by such Government bodies as UGC, CSIR, ICAR, and ICMR.
  •  Scientists from Accredited R&D Institutions.
  • Candidates who hold a valid certificate for having qualified in the Research Aptitude Test conducted by Mahatma Gandhi University.

Fellowships / Registration for Research

University Junior Research Fellowships shall be made available to a limited number of candidates registered for Ph.D each year. Selection in this regard shall be made on the basis of merit from among the candidates other than UGC Teacher Fellows and holders of JRF and other Fellowships. The University shall determine annually the number of such fellowships on the basis of funds available and notify them separately.

All candidates admitted to the Ph.D programmes of the University shall be registered as full time research scholars, except regular and permanent teachers from the Government and Aided Colleges affiliated to Mahatma Gandhi University and from the University Departments, who shall be granted part-time registration if they so desire.

Course Work

Each student, other than regular and permanent teachers from the Government and Aided Colleges affiliated to Mahatma Gandhi University and from the University Departments (who shall be granted part-time registration if they so desire) admitted to the Ph.D programme shall be required to undertake course work for a period of one semester within a continuous period of two semesters. The course work shall be organized by the University Departments for students registered at the Departments.

Students registered at approved Research Centres shall undergo course work at their own Centres. The course work shall have the following three components:


a) A course in Research Methodology: There shall be two courses for the students to choose from: one common for the disciplines coming under the science stream and the other common for all the disciplines coming under the non-science stream.

 b) A course on recent developments in the broad discipline.

 c) A course in the area of research which will include detailed review of the current status of scholarship in the area. Candidates with M.Phil shall be exempted from courses (a) and (b). The course work in their case shall be limited to the third course (course c). A Ph.D candidate in a University Department who fails to acquire the minimum GPA of 5 (45% in the case of Ph.D Candidates in other approved Research Centres) can avail of another chance to improve his/her GPA/ percentage of marks by repeating the end-semester exams for the courses to be held a year later. No further chance for improving the evaluation of the course work shall be given. Such candidates cannot continue Ph.D research.

Place of Research

Research shall be carried out by a Research Scholar in a University Department or in a Research Centre in an Affiliated College or in an institution recognized as a Research Centre under these regulations.

Part-time Research

Registration for part-time research shall be granted from the beginning only to regular and permanent teachers from the Government and Aided Colleges affiliated to Mahatma Gandhi University and from the University Departments. All other applicants shall initially be granted full-time registration. The following categories, however, are eligible to apply for conversion of their research to part-time after completing six months or on successful completion of the course work whichever comes later:

a) Regular employees working in Government/Quasi-government institutions.

 b) Teachers working in Government and Aided educational institution in the state.

 c) Teachers working in the institutions run by the University.

 d) Scientists working in accredited R&D institutions and Clinical Psychologists attached to Government/Quasi-government organizations.

Other conditions

a) Persons applying for conversion of their research to part-time shall produce a “No Objection Certificate” from their employers.

 b) Foreign candidates shall be registered for research only if they are on visas issued for research scholars/students and with the necessary clearance from Government of India.

 c) Conversion of research from full- time to part-time shall be granted by the Vice-Chancellor on the recommendation of the Supervising Teacher and the Head of the Research Centre.

Allocation of Supervising Teachers

The allocation of the Supervising Teacher for a selected candidate shall be decided by the Doctoral Committee in a formal manner in the interview. The allocation will depend on such factors as the specialization of the supervisors and the research interest of the candidate. The Doctoral Committee can consider allocating a co-guide to a candidate in addition to the Supervising Teacher.

Period of Research

i) The minimum period of research required by a candidate for submission of thesis from the date of registration shall be two years (4 semesters) for M.Phil, M.Ed., M.Sc. (by research), Master of Letters and holders if the research is in the subject in which the candidate has taken the above qualifying degree. In all other cases, the minimum period of research required is three years (6 semesters) for thesis submission. This is inlusive of the period spent on course work.

ii) The maximum period of research shall, if the period is not specified otherwise, generally be five years (10 semesters) for full-time and eight years (16 semesters) for part-time research. On expiry of this period a candidate’s registration will lapse, provided that it shall be competent for the Syndicate to extend the period of registration by a maximum period of one year on the recommendations of the Doctoral Committee and also on payment of a fee for extension. The registration shall automatically lapse after expiry of the maximum period.

Restriction on Employment

 A full time research scholar shall not engage himself/herself in any other employment except in imparting instruction in an honorary capacity on a topic which forms the subject matter of his research in the institution where he is working.