Admissions 2024 Integrated Programmes

Department of Computer Science

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Identification of PC Hardware Components (Peripherals): Input Devices, Output Devices, Speakers, Storage Devices, Power Supply Unit. Identification of PC Hardware Components(Logics) :Motherboard, Slots: Memory slots-Processor Slot/Sockets- Power Connectors-Expansion slots- IDE drive connectors-SATA Connectors- Floppy drive Connectors-BIOS slot, Ports, Add-on Cards, Processor, Chip-set, BIOS, Memory Modules, CMOS, IDE Cables, SATA Cables, Floppy Drive Cables, External Modem  PC Assembling  

Module 2:  

OS Installation: Understanding BIOS Set up, Disk Partitioning- Disk Formatting-Windows Installation-Device driver Installation for I/O Devices- Network Configuration, Installation of software packages, Linux Installation, Troubleshooting Computer HW and OS, PC Tools and its use  

Module 3:  

Networking &Administration:  Networking – Fundamentals – Classification of Network -Topology – Protocols - Network hardware-Repeaters-Routers-Bridges-Gateways- Hub-Switches-Modem, Transmission Media – Cables - Connectors- Crimping and Cabling Network administration– Small LAN Configuration, Domain and Workgroup Security, User Management (User Creation, Privilege Setting, Home Folder Setting, Customization), Resource Sharing and Security (User Level and Share Level)