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Job Placements-MSW Programme@ Rajagiri

MSW Programme in Rajagiri is having two aided batches where in 50 students graduate every year specialising in Medical and Psychiatric Social Work, Family and Child Welfare, and Community Development. During the two years of their study spanning across four semesters, a student undergo more than 1000 hours of field practicum under the guidance of faculty supervisor. Students are placed in different settings according to their specialisations such as Rural and Urban Communities, Schools, Hospitals, NGOs, Companies, Govt Projects and schemes, Social action and advocacy groups etc. As a part of the studies more than 50% students from the Programme complete International Exposure Programme every year with different Universities in USA, Australia, Belgium, France, Switzerland, Hong Kong, Israel, Malaysia, Nepal, Middle East Countries etc.Rajagiri College is having the presence of ‘Live Labs’, which are the extension projects of the School of Social Work in which students get exposure to do field practicum as well as volunteering opportunities to various live projects such as Govt sponsored Projects as well as   CSR Projects.The School of Social Work continuously maintain a placement percentage average of 95% for a long span of time which is spread through different settings and sectors.

Placement Process:

1. Placement Pooling

The prospective agencies are pooled into a data base by the placement committee selected for each year which contains student representatives under the guidance of placement cell. The placement brochure is also prepared which contains the details of the candidates

2. Pre placement preparations

The candidates are given pre placement preparatory sessions by eminent resource persons on communication skill, CV Preparation, GD and interview specific skills, self-grooming, subject specific inputs etc

3. Application process

Applications are invited from the students regarding their interests in the sectors as well as settings along with their specific experiences. The detailed CV is collected from the students or they can express third interest on specific placements to placement cell

4. Job offer announcements

The job details/opportunities with details (including the campus interviews) will be publicised to the prospective candidates so that they may apply directly with the concurrence as well as attend the campus interview process.

 5. Confirmations

The placement cell will be the link between the employers well as the candidates to facilitate the process which aid in placement of the selected candidates

6. Follow ups

The placement cell also collect the feedback from the employers and document the timely suggestions received so that the suggestions are incorporated in curriculum design and delivery. The placement cell also get in contact with the candidates who need further placement support in their career.


The Department of Social Work has a placement cell comprising of the coordinator, placement officer and student representatives from final year MSW. It maintains a database of prospective employers for placement opportunities and future communications. The cell also manages campus recruitments and arranges employers visit to the campus to interact with the graduating students and the subsequent recruitment process.The Placement cell organizes and conducts different activities to enhance the placement possibility of the students on a regular basis in each year. The placement cell meets regularly to plan and monitor the various placement activities. The minutes of the meetings are maintained for reference. Some of the activities are listed below:

  1. Contact Organisations and invite them to the campus for recruitment.
  2. Soft skill workshop such as:
    1. Aptitude training.
    2. Personality development and Communication skills training
    3.  Special grooming programme in personal education Etiquette
    4. Interview skills & Group discussion trainings
    5. CV preparation
    6.  Technical sessions by experts and in-house faculty

In addition, the cell arranges career counselling talks by experts in industry, academia and the Rajagiri Alumni.

Aditya E S MSW 2015-17 Batch- A P State Network coordinator and Entrepreneur Development Officer

Identify, Promote and capacitate rural Entrepreneurs and help them to establish link with private and Government sector for the promotion of safe drinking water. Generate employment for the rural youth especially women. Spearhead awareness programs on water safety and quality drinking water. Coordinate and network with NGOs, Farmer organizations, Business community and rural mass.I have received this job through the campus placement cell of Rajagiri College. MSW course gave me a greater level of confidence to take-up the challenges. During the course I have been given opportunity to undertake field work with NGOs in other states like Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh. This has helped me to develop a clear perspective towards rural scenario. I believe that this experience has helped me to get my present job and obviously the MSW course content, training and teaching methodology and guidance of teachers of Rajagiri College moulded me as a competent social worker.