Admissions 2020




This is perhaps the most happening place in Rajagiri campus “where heritage counts and progress evolves.” We ensure that the Rajagirians are a breed apart by constantly striving to inform, reform, perform and transform the timid and diffident students into mangers and industry leaders. Towards the end their graduate programme the students   get groomed in to battle fit and industry ready to take on the challengers, changes and head winds of the business world. Our students are trained not only to do different things, but also to do things differently so as to bring about a tectonic shift from traditional wisdom and learning. All our pre placement training programmes are focused on moulding them in to competent professionals capable of continuously performing their role as “movers and shakers” of the disruptively innovative corporate world.

Our training programmes enhance the confidence level of the students and they believe in breaking barriers, seeking new frontiers and setting fresh bench marks. At Rajagiri the sharp focus is on quality teaching and innovative pedagogy which is akin to IIMs and Harvard B- School. We are confident that this well groomed students would remain as valuable assets and add value to any institution in which they might join.

During the previous 2 years our under graduate students who had opted for a career path had received multiple offers from companies like – Tesco, EYGds, Baijus App, KPMG ,ESAF,H& R Johnson, Hedge Equity, I-Pru,Oyo Rooms, Sutherland Global,Wipro,Telligent Support,Eben Telecom, Man.Fin Ltd Etc.