Admissions 2024 Integrated Programmes

Department of Commerce


ACSR-Association of Commerce Students of Rajagiri

The ACSR provides an opportunity to exhibit the variegated talents of the commerce students and to enhance their soft skills. The social responsibility and social commitment of the students are prioritized in this extracurricular platform. The association focuses on the all-round personal development of each student as he/she leaves the institution with academic excellence.


  • To provide an opportunity to extend classroom experiences into the academic and social life of the campus.
  • To develop social and cultural interaction among students.
  • To assist in the development of leadership skills
  • To provide access to an array of diverse campus activities to enhance their college experience.


Office bearers for the academic year:

  • SECRETARY - Neha Gigi Mariyam (Model II F&T C Batch, Semester 3)
  • JOINT SECRETARY - Aswin R Nair (Model II F&T C Batch, Semester 3)
  • TREASURER - Amith Joe Binu (Model II F&T A Batch, Semester 3)

Faculty in charge:

  • Dayana Lalan K
  • Maria Pynadath