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Department of Personnel Management

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Faculty Category Title Journal & Publisher Details Year
Dr.Binoy Joseph Journal Article REaCH-Resiliency Engagement and Care in Health; A Befriending Intervention to Address the Psycho-Social Challenges of Vulnerable Youth in the Context of COVID-19 Pandemic: An Exploratory Trial in India Sustainability 2021
Fr.Reginold Journal Article Influence of Motivational factors on Organisational Commitment in a Hospital setting International Journal of Emerging Technologies and Innovative Research 2020
Journal Article Process conflict and employee well-being: An application of Activity Reduces Conflict Associated Strain (ARCAS) model International journal of Conflict Management 2019
Journal Article Testing activity reduces conflict associated strain (ARCAS) model A test of moderated mediation model of relationship conflict and employee well-being Personnel Review 2019
Dr. Rakesh Krishnan Journal Article Talent Management and Employee Retention: An Integrative Research Framework Human Resource Development Review 2018
Journal Article innovative work behaviour: propositions on influence from within and without an individual in the organisational contex Asia-Pacific journal of Management Research and Innovation 2017
Dr.Binoy Joseph Journal Article Innovative Human Resource Practices and Selected HR Outcomes in Software firms in Kerala

Journal of the Knowledge Economy

Dr.Binoy Joseph Journal Article Development of immersive learning framework (ILF) in achieving the goals of higher education: measuring the impact using a preā€“post design

Scientific Reports