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Department of Personnel Management

Faculty Publications

Published Year

Name of Faculty Course Type of Publication Title of Publication Publisher Details Published Date
Dr. Shelly Jose MA(HRM) Research Article Process conflict and employee well-being: An application of Activity Reduces Conflict Associated Strain (ARCAS) model


June 2019
Dr. Manoj Menon MA(HRM) Journal Talent Management and Employee Retention: An Integrative Research Framework

Talent Management and Employee Retention: An Integrative Research Framework.ISSN Number:1534-4843

November 2018
Dr.Binoy Joseph MA(HRM) Journal Pride - in - work and Job Embeddedness Among the Frontline Employees in Hotel Industry

Rajagiri Management Journal .ISSN number:0972-9968.

January 2017
Dr.Binoy Joseph MA(HRM) Journal A Study on the Relationship Between Psychological Climate, Employee Engagement and Organizational Citizenship Behavior

OPUS: HR Journal.ISSN number:0973-9866.

March 2015
Dr.Binoy Joseph MA(HRM) Journal The Legacy of Kuriakose Elias Chavara as a Social Reformer

International Journal of Scientific and Research Publications.ISSN number:2250-3153.

March 2015
Dr.Binoy Joseph MA(HRM) Journal A study on the relationship between Employee engagement and organizational citizenship with reference to employees working in travel organizations

Atna - Journal of Tourism Studies.ISSN number:0975-3281.

April 2015
Dr. Shelly Jose MA(HRM) Journal Testing activity reduces conflict associated strain (ARCAS) model A test of moderated mediation model of relationship conflict and employee well-being

Personnel Review.ISSN Number:0048-3486.

January 2019
Dr. Shelly Jose MA(HRM) Journal Innovative work behaviour: propositions on influence from within and without an individual in the organisational context

Asia-Pacific journal of Management Research and Innovation , DOI0.1177/2319510X17696649, sage publication, Oct 2017.ISSN Number:2319-510X

January 2017
Dr.Binoy Joseph Article REaCH-Resiliency Engagement and Care in Health; A Befriending Intervention to Address the Psycho-Social Challenges of Vulnerable Youth in the Context of COVID-19 Pandemic: An Exploratory Trial in India

ISSN: 2071-1050    Scopus Q1 Sustainability

January 2021