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Department of Business Administration

Dr. Minimol M. C

Designation : Associate Professor

Qualification : Ph.D

Email-ID :

DOJ: 01-01-2007

She secured her M.Com Degree from Mahatma Gandhi University, Kottayam,in the year 2000, M.Phil(2002) and Ph D (2007) Degrees from the University of Kerala, Thiruvananthapuram. She is the author of a book on E-Governance and Rural Self government published in 2007 and co-author of two books on Management Information Systems and Rural Women Empowerment, published in the years 2004 and 2011 respectively. She has published several research papers in peer reviewed and refereed journals including ABDC  B and C category journals, and has contributed chapters to various edited volume books. She has presented research papers in various National and International Conferences.She is a recognised research supervisor (part time Ph D) under the faculty of commerce in Bharatiyar University, Coimbatore.

  • M Com, MBA, M Phil, PhD
  • Teaching and research experience – 12 years
  • Financial Derivatives and Risk Management, Corporate Finance, Security Analysis and Portfolio Management


  • Edited a book on Banking and Micro Finance in India, published by New Century Publications, New Delhi, 2014(ISBN 978-81-7708-401-6)
  • Authored a book on Rural Women Empowerment: Initiatives through Self Help Groups, ISBN 978-3-639-33604-7(VDM Publishing House, Germany) in February 2011
  • Authored a book on E-Governance and Rural Self Government, published by Sonali publications, New Delhi, 2007
  • Co-authored a textbook on Management Information Systems for Masters level in Commerce, published by Himalaya Publishing House, Mumbai, 2004.

Research Papers

  • Do Macroeconomic Indicators Stimulate FDI Inflows in India?, Theoretical Economics Letters (TEL), Scientific Research Vol.7, No. 7, Dec.2017(ISSN: 2162-2078), ABDC Category B (Field 1401)
  • Linkage Between Entrepreneurial Competency and Social Entrepreneurship: Evidences from SMEs in Kerala, Asian Social Science, Vol 13, No.10, October 2017(ISSN:1911 – 2017), ABDC Category C (Field 1402)
  • Effect of Dividend Policy on Shareholder’s Wealth: A Study of IT and Banking Industry in India, Finance India, Vol. XXXI, No.2, June 2017(ISSN: 0970 – 3772), ABDC Category C (Field 1502)
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  • Determinants of Investment Attitude: A Behavioural Finance Perspective, 21st ASBBS International Conference, Bangkok, Sept.23-24, 2017
  • Over confidence, Risk tolerance and Investment Strategy Adoption of Capital Market Investors, World Finance and Banking Symposium, Nanyang Business School, Singapore, Dec. 12-13, 2014
  • Effect of International Financial Flows on Indian Stock Market: An Analysis of the post-reform period, National Conference on Time Series Econometrics, PM Memorial Govt. College, Chalakkudy, March 17 – 22, 2014
  • Effect of Foreign Direct Investment on Indian Stock market, National Conference on FDI In India: Opportunities and Challenges, St. Peter’s College, Kolenchery, January 30 -31, 2014.
  • Self Help Groups Organised by NGOs Towards Empowering Rural Women in Kerala, International conference on Global Business Management, S.A Engineering College, 23rd and 24th  February 2012
  • CSR : A strategic approach for Indian companies to reinforce brand equity, National Conference on best practices in CSR, Institute of public enterprises, Hyderabad, June 3-4, 2011
  • Validity of Beta Rule in Indian Stock Market, National Conference on Indian Capital Markets: Its Modernity and Vibrancy, Amrita School of Arts and Sciences, Kochi, April 1, 2011
  • Impact of Self Help Groups on Rural Women of Kerala SMF International conference on “Challenges to inclusive growth in the emerging economies”,  held during December 15-17, 2010 at IIM Ahmedabad. 
  • Corporate Governance in India: International Best Practices for Urban Co-Operative Banks, International Conference on Corporate Governance, Institute of Public Enterprise, Hyderabad 12-13 February, 2009.
  • Performance of Equity Linked Saving Schemes in India: A Comparative Analysis, International Conference on Economics and Finance, organized by IBS, Bangalore, Jan8-9, 2009.
  • Micro Finance through SHG – Bank Linkage: Experiences on Rural Women Empowerment in Kerala, National Conference Organised by the Indian Commerce Association at Osmania University, Hyderabad, 2007
  • SEBI Code on Corporate Governance, National Seminar Organised by the Department of Commerce, St. Thomas College, Kozhencherry, 2006
  • Mutual Funds, National Seminar organised by the Department of Commerce, St. Thomas College, Palai, September 2003.
  • Outsourcing, Seminar organised by the National Science Congress and the Cochin University of Science and Technology, Kochi, February 2003.
  • Prospects of Commerce Education, Seminar organised by the Alumni Association, Department of Commerce, University of Kerala, November 2002.
  • Organised  a National Conference on Banking and Finance, on February 20, 2013, at Rajagiri Centre for Business Studies.
  • UGC-Sponsored National Conference on Inclusive Innovation and Sustainable Growth: The Millennium Challenges, during August 30-31, 2013 
  • AICTE-Sponsored 3-Day Workshop on Research Methodology and Statistical Analysis during July 16-18, 2013
  • Was a Consultant for Need Assessment Study undertaken by Rajagiri Outreach, funded by World Bank, 2016
  • Conducted a Major Project on Entrepreneurial competency and social entrepreneurship, funded by ICSSR, New Delhi, 2014 -16 (Rs. 6 lakhs)
  • Manuscript Reviewer for various peer reviewed journals including  International Journal of Entrepreneurial Behavior & Research,  British Journal of Education, Society and Behavioural Science, African Journal of Business Management, British Journal of Economics, Management and Trade, Asian Journal of Agricultural Extension, Economics and Sociology, Advances in Research, Journal of Global Economics, Management and Business Research
  • Impact of SHGs on Rural women of Kerala, minor projected funded by the UGC 2009-10
  • Institutional Support for SC/ST Entrepreneurs in Kerala, Research Project under the Government of India, conducted by the Department of Commerce, University of Kerala, 2005 as Research assistant
  • Approved as Research Guide for Ph. D. in Commerce, Christ University, Bangalore, India
  • Associate Editor, International Journal of Trade &Global Business perspectives, Pezzottaite Journals, July 2013 onwards
  • 3-Day Faculty Development Programme, Innovative Approaches in Management Teaching, Rajagiri Centre for Business Studies, 28-30 April, 2016 
  • 2-Day Workshop, Qualitative Research, Rajagiri College of Social Sciences, Kochi, 08-09 June, 2015

    5-Day National Workshop on Time Series Econometrics, Govt. College, Chalakudy, 17 – 22 March  2014

    National Level Interdisciplinary workshop on Time series Econometrics,Panampilly Memorial Govt. College, Chalakkudy, 9-14, December, 2013

  • Participated in a two-day Training Program on "Information Delivery Systems for Academic and Research Institutions (IDSARI 1.0) organised by ICFOSS Technopark, Trivandrum and Rajagiri College of Social Sciencs, Kalamassery from 24th of September to 25th of September, 2012 at RCSS Kalamassery.
  • Research methodology – Application of Contemporary Statistical techniques for research in Business management, Rajagiri school of management, 13-17 October, 2008.
  • Effective Strategies for Management Facilitators, Faculty Development programme Conducted by Christ College Institute of Management, Bangalore March 14 – 15, 2008
  • Induction Training for Young Teachers in Management, Faculty Development Programme conducted by IIM, Kozhikode, March 12-30, 2007.
  • Tourism and Industry, Seminar Organised by the District Industries Centre [DIC], Alappuza, November 2006.
  • International Conference on Tourism, organised by the Department of Commerce and its Alumni Association, University of Kerala, December 2004.
  • E-Business, National Seminar organised by Nesamony Memorial Christian College, Marthandom, February 2004.
  • Commerce Education in India Under Globalisation, Seminar organised by the Alumni Association, Department of Commerce, University of Kerala, September 2003.
  • E-governance and rural self government- a study of Kerala state
  • Marketing of financial services - a study of financial institutions in Kerala
  • Micro-finance through SHG-bank linkage - experiences on rural women empowerment in Kerala
  • Making  a difference or Making a Statement: Finance Research and Socially Responsible Investment