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Department of Business Administration

Deepak Babu

Designation : Assistant Professor

Qualification : MBA

Email-ID :

DOJ: 03-02-2012

Deepak Babu is a Masters In Business  Administration from Mahatma Gandhi University  and a Bachelors in Technology in Biotechnology specialization in Genetic Engineering from A.A.I.D.U Allahabad. His areas of interest include Operations Management,. Operations Research, Statistics, Marketing, Research Methodology and Marketing Research. He has been an external resource person for Centre for Advanced Research and Training, Christ university and published various articles  in national and international journals in the field of operations, marketing and General Management.

  • B.Tech
  • MBA
  • Operations Management, Operations Research, Statistics, Marketing, Research Methodology and Marketing Research.
  •  A Study on Evaluating The Effectiveness of Tutorial Programs in Quantitative Techniques” International Journal Of Research In Commerce, It & Management (Issn 2231 – 5756), Dr. Rosemary Varghese : Deepak Babu: August 2013.
  • “A Study On The Role Of Performance And Image Outcome Expectations On Innovative Behaviour In The Workplace” International Journal Of Research In Commerce, It & Management (Issn 2231 – 5756), Deepak Babu: August 2013
  • Servitization: A leap in future for Indian Industries - Deepak Babu, Rohit Sachi, International Journal of Commerce, Business and Management (IJCBM), (Volume 3 Number 1 February 2014)
  • To Study quality noncompliance due on bottleneck activities with respect to palm oil industry - Mr. Deepak Babu, Milith Mathew Abraham, International Journal of Research in Management & Technology (IJRMT), Volume 4 Number 1 February 2014)
  • Conference Proceding for XXIII ISPIM Conference : Action for Innovation: innovating from Experience, Barcelona Spain, June 2012
  • Why Kings leave their Kingdom- A study on Switching behavior of customers and factors influencing this behavioural trait. International Journal of Management and Social Sciences Research Volume 3, No. 4, April 2014
  •  Attrition - A Result of Process A Study on Factors Influencing Attrition In Bpo Sector International Journal of Research In Management & Technology, ISSN – 2320-0073 Volume II, December’13
  • Invisible Barriers To Success-The Impact of Self Esteem on The Academic Performance of B-School Students, Intercontinental Journal Of Human Resource Research Review, Volume IV, April 13
  • Training workshop on Advanced techniques on SPSS for Center for advanced research and training CHRIST University Bangalore
  • Conducted training sessions on SPSS in Christ university Bangalore in workshop for Advanced statistical analysis and design, May 2013
  • National conference on Banking and Finance, UGC sponsored on February 2013, Rajagiri college of social sciences.
  •  Attended Training Program on Information Delivery System for Academic and Research Institutes, Conducted by International Centre for free and open Software Technopark, Trivandrum.
  • Participated in Advertisement competition on july 2009, RCBS kalamassery
  •  National conference on information Systems Emerging Trends and Technologies, RCSS kochi February 2013
  • National conference on traditional concept of marketing in today’s context sponsored by UGC , RCBS kochi January 2013
  • Participated in Innovative Practices for Business Excellence, RBS kakkanad, kochi January 2013