Admissions 2023

Department of Psychology

Add on Courses

The course ‘Research methods’ will help students 

  • To understand the process of research and various research design
  • To collect, clean and analyse research data
  • To interpret the results and write a research report.


Module 1:  Research Methods- Introduction    
Objectives, Types, Research concepts, Research process, 
Defining the research problem 

Module 2: Research Design 
Need and Features of good design, Types of Research Design, Sampling, 
Measurement Techniques, Data Collection Methods

Module 3: Data Collection Methods
Types of data collection methods- Observation, Interview, Questionnaires,
Secondary data, case study method, Data coding

Module 4: Processing and Analysis of Data
Data cleaning Descriptive Statistics – Central Tendency, Dispersion
Parametric and Non Parametric  data analysis, Inferential Statistics- Hypothesis testing, Correlation, Regression, 

Module 5: Interpretation and Report Writing
Layout of research report, types of report, APA style

Exam- 40 points
Attendance – 10 Points

Duration: 30 hours

Kothari, C.R.,2004, Research Methodology- Methods and Techniques, New Delhi, Wiley Eastern Limited.