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Junior Behavioural Scientist

(National Undergraduate Research Competition)

The Department of Psychology,

Rajagiri College of Social Sciences (Autonomous)

Kalamassery, Ernakulam, Kerala

 Since its inception in 2016, the Department of Psychology at Rajagiri College of Social Sciences (Autonomous) has been steadfast in its pursuit of excellence. Our vision is to be a center for mental health services and training for mental health professionals. We offer our students a rich blend of academic learning, research opportunities, and practical experience.

In the wake of COVID-19, the world is grappling with unprecedented changes across all aspects of life. The field of mental health is no exception. While some changes are apparent, many shifts in human behavior and mental health remain hidden. This underscores the urgent need for innovative research in psychology to unravel these emerging phenomena. To foster this, it is crucial to cultivate the research aptitude and curiosity of our students.

In light of this, we are excited to introduce the Junior Behavioural Scientist Research Presentation Competition for our undergraduate psychology students. We believe this initiative will inspire young researchers to conduct meaningful research that contributes to the advancement of the discipline and addresses the diverse needs of our community.

Our objectives for this competition are :

  1. Foster Critical Observation: Encourage young psychology researchers to critically observe and explore new issues and emerging phenomena in mental health.
  2. Promote Knowledge Sharing: Provide a forum for students to share and review their research findings.
  3. Showcase Research Skills: Serve as a platform for students to demonstrate their research skills in Psychology.

We look forward to seeing the innovative research that our young scholars will bring to the forefront through this competition. Together, we can contribute to the growth and understanding of mental health in these changing times.

Topic – Behavioural Science and Mental Health in Contemporary Times

Participants - Undergraduate Students of Psychology

 Mode of competition: Offline

 Important dates

Abstract submission - February 4th, 2024

Selection Decision - February 6th, 2024

Full Paper submission - February 18th, 2024

Junior Behavioral Scientist Competition - February 23rd, 2024

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PSYESTA, the National Psychology Fest, is the flagship event of the Department of Psychology of Rajagiri College of Social Sciences. We are celebrating the 5 th edition of PYSESTA this year on 22 nd February 2024.This annual fest covers various fun-filled and psychology-related events for UG Psychology students.
PSYESTA has brought together students from diverse backgrounds. This year, the theme is Look Around, Look Within and we aim to create an atmosphere of unity, understanding, and celebration of our global diversity. A total of eight events are planned for the fest, namely, Questa (Criminal Investigation), Persona (Personality Revelation), Emovere (Group Dance), Cogito (Debate), Kinesics (Mime), In-Quiz-itive (Quiz), Rationalization (Poetry) and Perception (Photography). A countdown will be conducted on 15 th February 2024 marking the arrival of an event that ignites curiosity, passion and camaraderie among students

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PYSTAR ,Department of Psychology conducts, "Wellness Waves" an Invited talk on Sexual behaviour, Substance use and Navigating relationship in 20/2/2024. The talk is delivered by DR NEWTON LUIZ, MD,  Consultant Pediatrician, Dhanya Mission Hospital, Potta, Chalakudy.

SPARSH is a unique and heartwarming event hosted by the Department of Psychology, Rajagiri College of Social Sciences (Autonomous), Kalamassery, Kerala. It is a celebration of inclusivity and acceptance, bringing together students from special schools. The focus is not just a competition, but on fostering a sense of community and shared joy. Throughout the day, students from special schools have the opportunity to showcase their talents in various artistic mediums, including solo dance, group dance, solo song, group song, painting and drawing

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Department of Psychology in Rajagiri College of Social Sciences is organizing a 3rd National Online Conference on CAREERS IN PSYCHOLOGY on 08,09, and 10 June 2023 in association with MINDWEAVERS. NOCCP 2023 aims to provide undergraduate and postgraduate psychology students from all over the world with an orientation to the vast array of career options available in Psychology.

Rajagiri College of Social Sciences

Rajagiri Centre for Behavioural Sciences and Research

IQAC Initiative

Enrichment Lecture: Neuropsychological Assessments and Interventions

on 3rd March 2022, at 2pm, by Abraham Bose, Clinical Neuropsychologist, Aster MIMS, Calicut.  

Rajagiri College of Social Sciences

Rajagiri Centre for Behavioural Sciences and Research

IQAC Initiative

Enrichment Lecture


on 22nd February 2022 at 2.00 pm to 3.30 pm

Workshop on Qualitative Research Methods

Session 1- Approach of QualitativeResearch
Session 2- Data Collection Methods
Sessions 3- Analysis of Data

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