Admissions 2023

Department of Psychology

Add on Courses

  • To explore various cognitive features through experiments
  • To explore individual and group differences
  • To learn to use them as assessment instruments.




Module 1: Planning and Problem Solving   30 hours
PEBL task- Tower of London Experiment 

Module 2: Cognitive Flexibility and Rule Switching 
The PEBL Switcher Task Experiment

Module 3: Stroop Effect
PEBL Task- Stroop Task  

Module 4: Risk Taking
PEBL experiment - BART

Module 5: Interference
PEBL experiment – Simon Task


  • Activity report – 25 Points
  • Exam- 20 points
  •  Attendance – 5 Points

Piper, B., Mueller, S. (2014). The Psychology Experiment Building Language (PEBL) and PEBL Test Battery. Journal of Neuroscience Methods, 250-259..