Admissions 2024

SOP - Online Exam

Rajagiri Online Examinations

General Instructions. Read the instructions carefully before proceeding.

Step 1: Download the app SEB from the links given below and install it. (*Do not open the app until next step is done). 

            * For MS Windows OS: Download

              * For Mac OS: Download

              * Mobile phones and Linux OS systems are not supported.

Step 2: Download the configuration file from the link and open the file to initialize the SE browser. Use the password "quit" to exit from SE browser. 

             Configuration File: Download  [If you face problem on opening config file, read the support document]


Now, When you have a Moodle Exam, You can open 'Safe Exam Browser' from windows/Mac apps and log into respective Moodle to continue the exam.

Note*: You must use SEB application to attempt the quit. If you try to quit SEB before submission, the browser will close the exam automatically.