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Department of Languages

Add on Courses

Even when the world requires millions of people to work to make it better, we often find the young generation, especially in the Common Wealth Countries left without a job. The trend is on the rise, owing to the total lack of exposure or training outside the academic curriculum. Students come out of institutions totally unprepared and unequipped, without the necessary skills that make them an asset to the employer. This course intends to give hands-on-training in necessary skills. Guidance is given  to both UG and PG students to make themselves better human beings and a valuable employee as they go forward in their career. The Course is designed and executed with the guidance and support from experts in the Industry, making it more relevant and updated.

The Course complies with the University Grants Commission’s mission to improve career prospects through career-oriented add-on courses. The Course offers state-of-the-art teaching-learning experience using language lab, learning through games and simulations to standardize and enhance the English language proficiency levels of the students.