Admissions 2024 Integrated Programmes

Department of Languages

Activities & Events

The Globe

The Globe is a Centre for Learning, Creating and Experimenting with Arts, Literature, and Performance. It is a non-profit platform initiated by the Department of Languages, to take on like-minded students who lust for creative engagement. The Department offers a helping hand to guide and mentor in areas that suit their tastes and interests so that it will enhance and channel their energy through a positive and fruitful effort, enabling them to choose their paths, and helping them to be competent and capable in what they are interested in.

Theatre Performances

The Department stands strong in its commitment to spread the joy of literature and art among the students, teachers and non teaching community. The department organizes short term theatre workshops for the members of Rajagiri fraternity which concludes with a grand performance in front of the whole community. So far, the Department has hosted two performances, The Refund (2018) and Orkkapurathu Oru Muhurtham (2019), with the members of the teaching and the  non-teaching staff as performers.  

Drama Club

Drama club is initiated as a creative playground for the students with an orientation in theatre and arts. The student-centric design of the centre helps the students to experiment, explore, create and learn the different aspects of theatre -  terminologies, creative writing, acting, makeup and design. The centre welcomes all students to work alongside the mentors to better their creative and critical thinking, which amplifies their academic performance, confidence and personality.

Film Club

The Film Club, RCSS serves as a promising platform for the students with interest in the creative, technical and aesthetic aspects of the cinema, considering the scope and popularity of the medium in the present society. The club focuses on the intellectual enrichment of its members through various activities and conducts workshops (script writing, MOOCs on film making, make – up techniques etc.) and interactive sessions (such as ‘Meet the Crew/Director’), where the members get exposed to the professional and technical aspects, enlightening them to pursue their interest in the right direction. The club also conducts screening of movies, where the members are offered academic and an entertaining experience through which they come to discover the possibilities of the medium. So far, the club has produced around 10 visual productions.

Speakers Forum

Speakers Forum is a platform for the College community to learn and showcase their public speaking skills. The Forum aims at honing interpersonal and leadership skills by equipping them with necessary speaking skills and providing them a space to voice their opinions. Speakers Forum conducts Debates, Group Discussions, Invited Talks, Just a Minute and Colloquiums for students. Workshops on Speaking Skills and Leadership Skills are an integral part of the programmes of the Forum. Under the auspices of the Speakers Forum, students are trained and sent for competitions within and outside the State. The major focus of the club is improvement of Public Speaking & Communication Skills, Interpersonal Skills, Professional Networking Skills and Leadership Skills

Literary Club

Literary club aims to polish the latent literary skills in the students. During  this academic year, the club focuses on poetry. Poetry, the oldest form of literature, must flow out naturally and smoothly from the soul of the poet. In the words of William Wordsworth, “poetry has its origin in emotions recollected in tranquillity.” This club stands as a platform for the students to express their thoughts, ideas and emotions on various themes through the medium of poetry. It also helps them to promote their versification skills and develop their knowledge about the new styles and trends in modern poetry. The club intends to offer various workshops (both in the campus and programmes arranged by authorized poetry groups) handled by famous poets. Being a part of the club, the students get ample opportunities to enhance their creativity through manuscript magazines, blogs, online poetry circles etc.


The department, under the coordination of the Drama Club, organizes short term theatre workshops for interested participants among the UG and PG students of Rajagiri. The students are introduced to the idea of theatre, acting, script writing and performance. This experience aims to bring out the expressive selves, creating a more confident and self aware version of themselves and help them grow in the area of theatre and acting. The workshop concludes with a theatrical production which is student driven -  idea germination, development of the script, art and direction. So far the Department has staged one performance, ‘Men’Us’ (2018). 

Business Writing Workshop

The Department of Languages offers workshops on Writing for Professionals, for the students. This workshop is designed, keeping in mind that they are the ones who will be entrusted with the responsibility of driving businesses and managing organizations in the future. This workshop uses hands on learning approach that helps the students in getting first hand experience in areas that they need to be very well aware of. Topics included, ‘Writing Business letters’, Formal letters, email etiquettes and basic English grammar.  


RIDLE - Rajagiri Inter Departmental Literary Endeavour, since 2018, is one of a kind Inter Departmental Literary and artistic competitions, where the entire college comes together to compete and win the “Champions of Rajagiri” title and the ever rolling trophy. RIDLE brings together the academic - both students and faculty along with the non teaching members of the community, together to compete in teams, based on their Programme.. The Department of Social Work took the title “Champions of Rajagiri” in 2019 from Model I Computer Application, who were the first Champions. 


The LITerary - MOB, a theatrical innovation created by the Department of Languages in the year 2018, celebrates the beginning of the countdown for the RIDLE, every year. The LITMOB brings together the members of the student and teaching community together as characters of Literary works in English, Hindi, French and Malayalam, belonging to different genres and different timelines, to perform a theatrical performance based on a theme of contemporary relevance. This innovative practice has received wide appreciation as an infotainment programme and for reflecting on the social issues that burn. “Karnatakeeyam - A Tribute to Girish Karnad” (2019) reflected on the attempts to quash the citizens constitutional right to the freedom of speech and “After the Floods” (2018) sketched the sights and plights of Kerala after the floods.