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The course will help students understand, master and apply the principles of communication for effective management of personal and professional life. This Programme aims to provide a strong platform for students in the areas of corporate communication, interview preparation methods, and organizational work methods employed around the world. It will help students to--

  1. To help students understand the fundamentals of communication and its application in their profession.
  2. To enhance the competency and efficiency of the students in professional circles.
  3.  To enable students to make informed decisions about their career and professional life.
  4. To empower the students to meet the demands of the profession they choose to pursue.
  5. To groom the students to be industry-ready.

Multiple methods of instruction will be followed with preference given to hands-on activities to drive in the concepts. Inference games, listening and comprehension activities, speaking and writing activities based on given situations and scenarios will be part of the methodology. Apart from these, short video presentations, role-plays and skits will also be used to teach effective communication.

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