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Business Analytics is “the study of data through statistical and operations analysis, the formation of predictive models, application of optimization techniques, and the communication of these results to customers, business partners, and college executives.”When companies analyze Big Data, they use Business Analytics to get the insights required for making better business decisions and strategic moves.Companies use Business Analytics (BA) to make data-driven decisions. The insight gained by BA enables these companies to automate and optimize their business processes. In fact, data-driven companies that utilize Business Analytics achieve a competitive advantageBusiness analytics has a wide range of application from customer relationship management, financial management, and marketing, supply-chain management, human-resource management, pricing and even in sports through team game strategies.

Business Analytics at Rajagiri:

At RCSS, students can develop their business analytical skills along with their Course which enables them to be industry-read or entrepreneurial. BA course is offered by the highly skilled and industrial experts, imparting their experience and knowledge to the students through live projects and case studies.  Along with Business Analytics, students will gain certificate in Microsoft Excel and Digital Marketing. Students enrolling for B.Com M1 Computer Application shall only be eligible for Business Analytics program.