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Department of Biosciences

Accolades For Department

Total patents: 6 (Published: 3; Filed: 3)

Patents Published:

  1. TENDER COCONUT PUNCHING CUM CUTTING MACHINE (2023). Indian Patent No. 462938. Inventors: Balakrishnan Thampi Ramesh, Neenthamadathil Mohandas Krishnakumar, Karukappillil Xavier Joseph, Rahul Ramesh
  2. MULTI-UTILITARIAN COPRA DETACHER (2019): Inventors: Balakrishnan Thampi Ramesh, Rahul Ramesh, Karukappillil Xavier Joseph, Neenthamadathil Mohandas Krishnakumar
  3. POLYMERISED COCONUT LEAF BASED ROOFING AND FLOORING TILES (2019): Inventors: Balakrishnan Thampi Ramesh, Karukappillil Xavier Joseph, Neenthamadathil Mohandas Krishnakumar, Rahul Ramesh

Patents Filed:

  1. SEMI-AUTOMATIC CUTTING MACHINE FOR MATURED, DEHUSKED COCONUTS (2019). Inventors: B. Ramesh, Rahul Ramesh, N. M. Krishnakumar.
  2. REPLICABLE MODEL OF A BIO-KITCHEN FOR THE PRODUCTION OF SELFCERTIFIED FOOD ITEMS (2019). Inventors: B. Ramesh, N. M. Krishnakumar, Rahul Ramesh (Patent Filed)
  3. DOUBLE-SIDED UNSINKABLE RESCUE BOAT (2019). Inventors: B. Ramesh, Rahul Ramesh, N. M. Krishnakumar (Patent Filed)

Awards for Dr. Antony Caesar

  1. Dr S Antony Ceasar and Dr G. Rajiv Gandhi have been listed as top 2% cited scientists (Year 2022) in the world by the Stanford University, USA
  2. Marie Curie International Incoming Fellow (MC-IIF), European Union
  3. World University Network-Research Mobility Program (WUN-RMP) Award, University of Alberta, Canada
  4. Marie Curie Fellow-Visiting Title, University of Leeds, UK
  5. International Travel Grant, Biochemical Society, London, UK
  6. DBT-CTEP International Travel Grant, DBT, Govt. of India
  7. Academic Visitor, University of Leeds, UK
  8. BELSPO Non-European Postdoctoral Fellow, Federal Science Policy Office (BELSPO), Belgium