Department of Physical Education

Dept. of Physical Education

The department envisions quality physical education and is committed to promoting competitive sports and athletic activities. It plays an important role in improving the physical and mental health of youth and in developing healthy life skills among students. The department envisages socio-educational development, harmony and discipline among the students and faculty.
The department coordinates sports activities in Inter-Collegiate and University sports meets. It is also responsible for the selection of college teams to participate in various tournaments. The department is equipped with modern facilities to conduct events like volleyball, football, cricket, basketball etc. The college also provides state-of-the-art gymnasiums for boys and girls. The college teams participate in various Inter-Collegiate events on a regular basis.


  • To conduct various physical education programs and sports and athletic meets.
  • To foster personal development and life skills of students.
  • To enrich professional and academic leadership through physical education.
  • To provide adequate infrastructure for sports and games.                                                        
  • To amalgamate students from various disciplines and create a sense of belonging through sports activities.
  • To develop and retain good teams and produce State, National and International sportspersons through participation in Inter-collegiate and Inter-university tournaments.


Swacch Award 2019 05 December 2019

Management educators ,no doubt, are looking for tools which can equip the students with employment ready skills while providing a conducive learning experience. Business schools have been using cases to create a real-life environment but active participation by all cannot be ensured even in case discussions. Simulation on the other hand does not permit passive participants. Any simulation will easily persuade the student to apply all his abilities to solve the problem at hand and thus gives him a real-life experience. It is thus an effective tool set in a highly user-friendly environment.

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