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Department of Business Studies

Dept. of Business Studies

The department of Business Studies envisages industry relevant practices and is vigilant of the changes happening around the world, especially in all domains of management, and seeks to equip students under the BBA programme with relevant skills and knowledge for when they graduate out of the program. Each year, the World Economic Forum’s skill outlook for the graduating year of each batch is studied, and these skills and competencies are designed and integrated into the teaching pedagogy and syllabus, so that the learning process is made globally competent and relevant. The department does not look at BBA as a feeder course for higher studies, but focuses on bringing out competent and capable management graduates ready to take on the new challenges of the world outside. 


Change the way the world is managed.


Impart learning about management and administration through innovative teaching pedagogy and industry-relevant knowledge and skill development.


Swacch Award 2019 05 December 2019

Management educators ,no doubt, are looking for tools which can equip the students with employment ready skills while providing a conducive learning experience. Business schools have been using cases to create a real-life environment but active participation by all cannot be ensured even in case discussions. Simulation on the other hand does not permit passive participants. Any simulation will easily persuade the student to apply all his abilities to solve the problem at hand and thus gives him a real-life experience. It is thus an effective tool set in a highly user-friendly environment.

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