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RCSS Library

Rajagiri College of Social Sciences

Fr. Moses Library




                The Library at the Hill Campus in Kalamassery is named Fr. Moses Library, offering the students access to an invaluable collection of books, journals, videos, and CD\DVD’s and is continuously furnished with new and relevant reference materials.  The library is fully computerized which makes the accessibility easier for the students.  It functions throughout the year from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. on all days except Sundays and other holidays (9.30 a.m. to 4.30 p.m.), and Saturdays (8 a.m to 5 p.m). This gives the students an excellent opportunity to improve their understanding and knowledge. The College library is equipped with over 48043(40015 titles), 1028 Bound Volumes (RSOM), 80 PhD Thesis, 3646 Bound Volumes,1636 Rare Books collections,1187 CD/DVDs, 192 journals and periodicals and 14 newspapers.  It has access to online databases such as NLIST-INFLIBNET, DELNET , EBSCO-Business Source Complete, Ebsco Psychology and Behavioral Science Collections, Ebsco CINAHL Plus, J-Gate, IBID, Questia, ACM Digital Library, CMIE prowess IQ, EPW, E-books  of Pearson and Sage E-Journals etc. The library has a remote access facility with its E-Resources and Web OPAC. The library is using web 2.0 tools like Website, Blog and Facebook page as part of its marketing strategy to improve user participation. The library has a total area of around 17000 sq. ft. spread over in four floors from 5th to 8th floor.


             Father Moses library of  Rajagiri College of Social Sciences support the learning community with innovative services, and outstanding collections. The library aims to be a unique center for research, learning, and creativity dedicated to the holistic development of the user community.


  • To select, acquire and organize relevant and up-to-date information resources in all formats appropriate to the information needs of RCSS fraternity.
  • To create and maintain quality information environment that supports learning and knowledge development at RCSS.
  • Provide an inspiring, well-designed and conducive learning environment for the use of library resources.
  • To  support  all educational and instructional programs of the college
  • To mould intelligent and enlightened students to play the role of a socially responsible citizen




Fifth Floor

  • Stack Area, Maintenance Section

Sixth Floor

  • Entrance
  • Property counter
  • Facility center & reprography
  • Entry to the main library
  • Access gate   & OPAC
  • Circulation counter
  • Reference & reading area
  • Librarian’s cabin
  • Technical section

Seventh Floor

  • Periodical section                                                                  
  • Bound journals
  • Periodical
  • Confab
  • Reading area

Eight Floor

  • Information navigation center
  • Reading area
  • Research carrels
  • Research and faculty area



Tower of Wisdom

One key attraction of the library is a book design pillar named Tower of Wisdom with 36 foundation book models, from the various departments of the college, mounted at the main entrance of the library lobby. This work is an adaptation of a copper work named “upward ritual” is done by a very famous Belgium artist Jean Pierre Ghysel.


 Confab is an informal discussion hall. Users can get the entry to Confab with the permission of the Faculty or Head of the Department. This discussion hall is mainly encouraging group work-related activities conducted by the College or concerned department. It offers up a new opportunity for collaboration and to build content strategy skill of the students. Concerned faculty will be responsible for all the matters done by the students in this area       

Research Carrels

Fr. Moses Library provides Research carrels to PhD Scholars and Faculty members who are actively engaged in writing their research works.

  • Research Carrels are assigned only for research purpose and are not to be used as an office or conference space. The subleasing of a research carrel is not permitted.
  • Research carrels are only available for use during the regular hours of the Library.
  • Research carrels are to be closed and locked when not occupied. Fr. Moses Library is not responsible for damage or theft of personal items left in research carrels. After the use, the key should be surrendered at the Library counter.


Information Navigation Centre

It is an innovative concept of our library to provide a special area for users to navigate through our online databases and e-resources. It is equipped with state of the art computers with internet access. Events like library orientation, demonstration of databases and e-resources can be conducted here. Its seating capacity is 48.

Rare Book Collection

   The Library has a total of 1636 selected special collection of books published from 1900-1975 era. these books include different subjects like; social sciences, psychology, religion, Gandhian Studies, Political Studies, Language and Literature, philosophy, history, geography, management, business, trade and commerce etc.

Bound Volumes Collections

           Bound Journals Volumes are the most valuable treasure of Fr.Moses library. The Library has more than 3646 bound journals volumes. This collection includes the journals from Social Sciences, Sociology, Social work, psychology, gender studies, community development, Personal management, trade, business, management and commerce. The bound journals are classified according to the Dewey Decimal Classification System. All the bound volumes of the journals are kept in the 7th Floor of the Periodical Section. The Bound Volumes are arranged alphanumerically according to Dewey Decimal Classification Number.

CD/DVD Collections

   The library has a total of 1187 CD/DVD collections. The collections comprise Socially relevant short films and Documentaries, Encyclopaedias, English Language Training Aids, classical music, softwares, Research Reports, Personality development materials, Government policies, Social Audit Reports, NGO reports and textbook collections etc.

PhD Thesis Collections

Fr.Moses Library Thesis Collection holds 80 archival copies of all Masters by Research and PhD theses completed at the college up to 2019. This collection includes different research areas in the field of social sciences and business studies.

Lending Policies


No. of Books


Overdue Charges



14 Days

A fine of Rs.1/per

day for the next 14

days and the fine will be doubled




14 Days

Research Scholars


14 Days



1 Month

Continuous default in returning books will leave to cancellation of library membership. One time renewal facility is given, if there is no reservation for that particular book.  


Book Purchase Policy

            Book purchase in RCSS library is a continuous process, on the basis of recommendations from faculty and approval from library warden. Books are purchased according to priority and available budget. The Library staff usually recommends general reference books and those materials not covered by departmental subject categories. Publishers and Vendors provide electronic lists of titles available for purchase, and printed catalogues. These are forwarded to the Department Heads. The list of books requested by the Faculty and student requests approved by the respective Department Heads are considered for purchase. Besides catalogues, text book requirements by students are also considered for book purchase. Library also conducts book exhibitions to enable book selection by Faculty and students.

Stock Verification Policy

        Fr.Moses Library is conducting stock verification to prevent loss and maintain accurate record, withdraw lost books and update catalogues. With stock verification we are able to arrange collection, restore it and provide good services to our user community. Both RCSS and RSOM Libraries are taking stock verification on regular intervals.   We are following General Financial Rule (GFR 2017) guidelines for submitting the stock verification report.

General Services

  • Journal Section
  • Magazines and News Paper Section
  • Reference Sections
  • Reading Room
  • Stack Room
  • TV Room
  • Reprographic Corner
  • Proficiency Centre (Competitive Examination; NET, JRF, Civil Service, TOEFL, IELTS etc..)
  • Curriculum Support
  • Research Assistance
  • Research Carrels
  • Information Navigation Centre
  • Confab


ICT Enabled Services

  • Fully automated with Auto Lib software with Multi-User LAN version 7.0
  • WEB OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue)
  • Bar-Code technology for circulation of documents
  • On-line Database search facility
  • ISBN Assistance
  • E-Gate Register
  • Multi-media search/Digital Resource Centre
  • Digital Repository - DSPACE
  • Document Scanning Service
  • Wi-Fi Connectivity with 100 Mbps speed
  • Journal Content Service
  • Conference Alert Service & Career Info Alert Service
  • E-mail Alert Service
  • New Arrival Alert Service
  • Lib web2.0 Tools (Blog,Facebook,SMS Alert etc)
  • Library Website
  • Online Article Request
  • Technical Consultancy  Services

 Information Navigation Centre Rules

  • Information Navigation Center is to be used for academic purposes only.
  • Online Chatting is not allowed.
  • Browsing of dating, social networking sites is strictly prohibited. Strict disciplinary action will be taken against the defaulters.
  • Members are not permitted to carry any eatables and drinks items in the center.
  •  Members are not to share their net access ID and Password with other students
  • Changing the settings and display of the Computers kept in the Information Navigation Center is not permitted.
  • Playing games on computers is strictly prohibited in the entire Library premises.
  • Members must take care of their Pen drives, CD/DVD ROMs, Cell Phones, and Wallets etc.
  • Any violation of the rules and regulations/negligence on the part of the students/visitors shall result in penalties such as disciplinary probation (exclusion from specific services or participating in privileges / extracurricular school activities as set forth in the notice of disciplinary probation for a specified period of time.)
  • The Scholars can use the laptop & Wi-Fi facility in the library only for educational purposes.


General Library Rules

  • Silence is to be strictly followed in the library
  • Users are requested not to bring their personal belongings in the library. It should be kept in the property counter.
  • The library ID card is mandatory for entering the library, users are requested to show their own ID cards in and out through the Digital Access Gate.
  • Use of Library ID cards belonging to others is not permitted
  • Usage of mobile phones,  cameras is not permitted inside the library.
  • Students are requested to take special care to keep the library premises neat and clean.
  • Smoking, eating, sleeping and disturbing others are also strictly prohibited.
  • Borrow facility for students is 3 books and Research scholars 5 Books at a time.
  • Books are issued for two weeks and they must be returned on or before the last date stamped on the date-slip of each document.
  • The overnight issue is provided for certain reference and textbooks.
  • An overdue charge of Rs.1/- per day for the next 14 days and thereafter the fine will be doubled.
  • Sending reminders to defaulters is not obligatory on the part of the Library.
  • One time renewal facility, if there is no reservation for that particular book.
  • The students are requested not to replace the books in the stacks. Please leave them on the reading table.
  • Issued books and personal books are not allowed inside the library.
  • Any damage or loss of book detected at the time of returning will have to be compensated through replacement of the damaged or lost book.
  • Reference books, journals/periodicals, magazines/newspapers, CD-ROM Databases, student’s thesis, dissertations and other reference materials will not be issued. 
  • No Library material can be taken out of the Library without permission of the Librarian.
  • An atmosphere of perfect silence and studious seriousness should prevail in the library.
  • Readers are requested to handle all Library properties carefully to avoid damage to it and also not to disturb other readers/users