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PEN DOWN YOUR REVIEWS-inter- department review writing competition
Date: 23/Jun/2020 - 23/Jun/2020
10.00 AM
Online Platform

    PEN DOWN YOUR REVIEWS-inter- department review writing competition

Date: 23rd June 2020

Venue: Instagram

Organizer: Junior SWARAJ

Target population: students

Number of participants: 30 

Faculty coordinator: Sr. Bincy

                              “A Book is a gift you can open over and over again”

June 19 is celebrated as Reading Day to honour the father of the Library Movement in Kerala, the late P.N Panicker, whose death anniversary falls on 19th June. So, 19th June is marked as the Day of Reading.

As part of observing the Reading Week (VaayanaVaaram) the Junior Swaraj conducted an inter-department review writing competition “Pen Down The Reviews” based on the book that the students have read and requested them to sent it through on 20th June before 5pm. The best reviews have been posted in the official Instagram page of Junior Swaraj. The reviews were evaluated by the Assistant Professor of Language Department Mr. Gokul M Nair. The first prize was backed by Risva of BSW 3rd year for the review writing based on the book “To Kill a Mockingbird”. Sandra Sasikumar of 3rd year psychology has won the 2nd prize for the review writing competition based on the book “Becoming Michelle Obama”. The winners were provided with certificates. Along with that participation certificates were also provided to the participants.

This programme reminds everybody that Reading plays a significant role in the development of country’s socio-economic progress. Progress of a person, community and country depends on its rich knowledge base. Rich knowledge base depends on reading. The slogan of the P.N. Foundation itself says ‘Read and Grow’.