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M-power personal Enhancement program
Date: 18/Apr/2022 - 19/Apr/2022
9.00 AM - 5.00 PM
Kalamassery Campus

The Department of statistics of Rajagiri College of Social Sciences organized an M-power personal Enhancement program on 18th and 19th of April 2022 for the 1st year PG students of the department. It was held at Golden Aureole and was a two-day programme. The aim of the program was to frame the students to develop their soft skills that will be very helpful for them in their life for attending various interviews and jobs. The session was handled by Mr Krishnakumar, founder director vertical eye and Mrs Mridula Kumar, director vertical eye.   

Firstly, Miss Litty Adens addressed the gathering, then the program started with an interactive session. The students were given an idea of different soft skills that they have to develop. Then various management activities were conducted. Through these, students gain many skills.  They learned about time management, the importance of smart work and setting a goal and so on. The students were divided into different groups and were asked to suggest names, logos and taglines for their respective groups. This was done to develop their creativity, uniqueness and competitive mind. A session was conducted for the groups, where each member of the group was asked to communicate with other members to know their potential and they understood that each person is unique with unique potentials. After that, a mime competition was conducted and each group was given different topics. This improved their self-confidence and creative minds. With this, day 1 activities came to an end.

The second day begins with sharing the experience of the previous day. A lot of activities were conducted on this day also. The students had a group discussion within each group, where different topics were given to each group. This has improved their communication skills, thoughts, self-confidence, which will be very helpful for appearing for interviews. Based on the activities done, a champion team was selected and all the students were awarded certificates. With that, the program came to an end and Mr. Parthiev K.S. delivered the vote of thanks. These two days definitely made a large positive impact on students and they acquired a lot of skills that will be helpful for their future life.