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Date: 17/Jul/2020 - 17/Jul/2020
9.00 Am
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Wash and make Waves


Event Date: 17th July2020 

Venue: WhatsApp

Rotary Participation: Yes/ No

Number of Rotarians participated: No

Organizers: Junior Swaraj, Youth Red Cross, Rotaract Club, Encon Club and NSS, department            of Social work, RCSS



In these times of uncertainty, one of the habits that we should compulsorily practice is to maintain good hygiene. We face a lot of challenges in this difficult phase during which our daily routines are dictated by physical distancing.

The Social Work Students of Rajagiri College of Social Sciences (Autonomous) representing Junior Swaraj, Youth Red Cross, Rotaract Club, Encon Club and NSS initiated a livelihood programme offering free training in “Homemade Handwash” making. Mr. Robin Regi of BSW 2nd year was the Event Chair and Ms. Akhila K.V of BSW 3rd year was the Event Secretary. The coordinators of the programme made an official WhatsApp group for the interested participants named Homemade Hand wash Making. The training was conducted by sending videos and posters through the official WhatsApp group. Students were given a time period of 2 days in order to take up the challenge and requested all the participants to make a collage of the pictures of each and every step that they have done in order to make the handwash and apprise the students to share the collage image of the whole process through official WhatsApp group.  It was a 4- day programme. 32 students took part in this training. After the training a feedback form was sent to the participants in order to evaluate how effective was the programme and also to know whether the participants are interested to pass on this challenge to communities, neighbourhood. The participants were also provided with e-certificates.