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Cultural Exchange Program with Little Heart Degree College
Date: 21/Aug/2023 - 21/Aug/2023
11.30 AM
Online Platform

On August 21, 2023, an enriching cultural exchange program took place between Rajagiri College of Social Sciences and Little Heart Degree College. Despite the challenges posed by physical distance,the event was a success in bringing students from both institutions together via Zoom call. The program aimed to develop cross-cultural understanding, celebrate diversity, and promote international collaboration among students. The presence of esteemed guests, including (Principle of RCSS) Dr. Saju MD, CMI,and (Headof the Department) Dr. Ayana Johny, and also organizers Ms. Jayanthi Reddy ( Vice Principal), Ms. Anthoniamma ( HOD - Department of Management), and Ms. Sandhya Arya(Coordinator of the Department of Management), added an element of prestige to the program.