Admissions 2024
Date: 23/Nov/2019 - 23/Nov/2019
9:00 Am to 5:00 PM
Kakkanad Campus

The 10th edition of one among the most awaited quizzing event in India is just around the corner and the well-organized crew of Rajagiri Centre for Business Studies has already set the clock ticking in preparation for the grand 10th edition of this premier clash. The Rajagiri National Business quiz (Rajagiri NBQ) has set its sail for the 10th year grand finale which is expected to happen on 23rd of November, 2019.

Throwing whoever comes in seek of the coveted title of the best quizzer title into a labyrinth of questions with each question posing a more difficult challenge than the previous one, with all the surprises and twists to make you pumped up as if stuck in a real labyrinth. It creates a unique platform for corporates and students to battle out their understanding of the business world.

The Quiz-master since 2015 has been Mr. Mitesh Agarwal and this luminary has been the grandeur of the event. He has distinguished himself as an excellent quizzer and one who has won numerous quizzes across the country. Mitesh has been blessed with the gift of recall for totally banal and useless trivia, and that makes him an unbeatable quizzer and a brilliant quiz master. At the same time, he is the CTO of Oracle, India..

The quiz has two modes of entry: Online prelims and Offline Prelims, followed by semi -finals for the qualifying teams and the Grand Finale. Each team will consist of two participants from the same organization/institution, with the Grand Finale featuring the top three teams from each category. But all of these hardships will not be in vain as the fruits that you’ll receive at the end is worth it, as the winner takes home a cash prize of Rs. 1.5 lakhs from both the corporate and student division separately. The second and third prize being 75,000 and 30,000 respectively. Nevertheless, Rajagiri NBQ prides itself on nationwide coverage through our media partner NDTV24X7.