Admissions 2024
Rajagiri Management Conference (RMC’24)
Date: 22/Aug/2024 - 23/Aug/2024
9.00 Am to 05:00 Pm
Rajagiri Business School, Kochi

About Conference:

Rajagiri Business School, in partnership with Indiana University East, cordially invites academicians and students in management and related areas to participate in the 5the edition of Rajagiri Management Conference (RMC’24) on August 22-23, in Rajagiri Business School, Kochi.

The theme of the Conference is: Innovate to Elevate: Advancing Management excellence across functions

The theme recognizes that excellence in management is not confined to silos but permeates through every function, be it marketing, finance, operations, or human resources. This initiative is particularly relevant in an era where interconnectedness is reshaping how businesses operate, making cross-functional understanding and collaboration essential. The goal of the conference is to bridge the gap between traditional management practices and demands of a digital, interconnected world.

Keynote speaker: Arkadiusz Mironko, PhD, Associate Professor, Indiana University East

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Themes and subthemes of the conference:

We welcome research papers, and case studies in the following themes.


  • Consumer Behavior in the Digital Age: Exploring how consumer behavior has evolved with the rise of online shopping, social media, and digital marketing.
  • Personalization and Customer Experience: Investigating the impact of personalized marketing strategies on enhancing customer experience and loyalty.
  • Influencer Marketing Effectiveness: Analyzing the effectiveness of influencer marketing campaigns on brand awareness and consumer purchasing decisions.
  • Sustainable Marketing Practices: Studying how sustainable and socially responsible marketing strategies affect consumer perceptions and brand loyalty.
  • AI, Generative AI : Studying on how AI, Generative AI, Predictive AI are influencing both consumers and brands.


  • Behavioral Finance: Examining the psychological factors influencing investment decisions and their implications for stock market volatility.
  • Risk Management in Financial Institutions: Analyzing strategies to manage and mitigate risks faced by banks and financial institutions in a dynamic market environment.
  • Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Technology: Investigating the adoption, challenges, and regulatory aspects of cryptocurrencies and blockchain in the financial industry.
  • Corporate Governance and Financial Performance: Exploring the relationship between corporate governance practices and firm financial performance.

Human Resource Management

  • Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace: Studying the impact of diversity and inclusion initiatives on employee satisfaction, productivity, and organizational performance.
  • Employee Engagement and Retention: Analyzing strategies to enhance employee engagement and reduce turnover rates in organizations.
  • Remote Work and Virtual Teams: Investigating the challenges and benefits of remote work arrangements and effective management of virtual teams.
  • Talent Management in the Digital Era: Exploring how HR practices adapt to attract, develop, and retain talent in the age of digital transformation.

Operations Management

  • Supply Chain Resilience: Examining strategies to build resilient supply chains that can withstand disruptions such as natural disasters and global crises.
  • Lean and Six Sigma Implementation: Analyzing the effectiveness of lean and Six Sigma methodologies in improving process efficiency and reducing waste.
  • Smart Manufacturing and Industry 4.0: Investigating the adoption of IoT, automation, and data analytics in manufacturing processes for improved productivity and quality.
  • Sustainability in Operations: Studying how sustainable practices, such as green logistics and eco-friendly production methods, impact operations and overall business performance.

Strategic Management

  • Corporate Strategy in the world of Chat GPT: Exploring how organizations formulate and execute strategies to thrive in the age of AI.
  • Innovation towards Competitive Advantage: Investigating how innovation strategies contribute to sustaining competitive advantage in various industries.
  • Global Expansion and International Business: Studying the challenges and opportunities organizations face when expanding their operations globally.
  • Analyzing the factors contributing to successful mergers and acquisitions and their impact on firm performance.
  • Sustainable strategic solutions: refer to long-term plans and actions that are designed to address challenges and achieve goals in a way that is both environmentally and socially responsible.

Data Analytics

  • Predictive Analytics for Strategic Decision-Making: Developing machine learning models to forecast market trends and guide managerial decisions.
  • Big Data and Operational Efficiency: Utilizing big data analytics to streamline operations, reduce waste, and improve process efficiency.
  • AI-Driven Customer Relationship Management: Implementing AI tools to personalize customer interactions and enhance customer satisfaction.
  • Machine Learning in Human Resource Management: Using predictive models to optimize recruitment processes and predict employee performance.
  • Sustainability Analytics: Employing machine learning to assess and improve corporate sustainability practices.

Important Dates:

  • Submission starts from 30 April, 2024
  • Last date of submission- July 25, 2024
  • Acceptance intimation: July 31, 2024

Publication opportunities in leading journals indexed in Scopus and Ebsco

Conference proceedings publication: All the presented papers’ abstract will be published as Conference Proceedings from Bloomsbury India with ISBN No.