Admissions 2024
Junior Behavioural Scientist Research Paper Presentation competition
Date: 03/Feb/2023 - 03/Feb/2023
9.00 AM - 5.00 PM
Kalamassery Campus

The Department of Psychology,

Rajagiri College of Social Sciences (Autonomous)

Kalamassery, Ernakulam, Kerala


Junior Behavioural Scientist

Research Paper Presentation competition

3rd February 2023

Dear All,

Since its advent in 2016, the Department of Psychology, Rajagiri College of Social Sciences (Autonomous) has striven for excellence in the fulfilment of the vision to be a center for mental health services and training for mental health professionals. The Department provides an enriching experience for students by combining academics with research and practical experience.

 As the country slowly moves into the post-Covid era, with mental health issues becoming more prominent and visible, the need for newer research in psychology becomes paramount to understand the newer and emerging psychological phenomena. To meet this objective, research aptitude and interest of students also must be nurtured. This has, therefore, led to the introduction of the Junior Behavioural Scientist Research Presentation Competition for Undergraduate Students of Psychology. We believe this opportunity will encourage young researchers to carry out relevant research for the growth of the discipline and to address various issues and needs of the community. 

 The Department of Psychology


1. To encourage young researchers in psychology to critically observe and explore newer issues and emerging phenomena in mental health.

2. To provide a forum for sharing and reviewing their research findings.

3. To act as a platform for students to showcase their research skills in Psychology.

   Participants Undergraduate Students of Psychology.

  Mode of competition: Offline, Oral presentation.

  Current Psychology - Responding to Today's World


  1. Health Psychology: Pandemic and lifestyle diseases
  2. Education Psychology: Innovative ideas and practices
  3. Organizational Psychology: Blended work culture and changes in new work life
  4. Social and cultural psychology: Cross cultural studies, cultural norms, social structure, family dynamics
  5. Environmental Psychology: pro-environment behaviors, issues and solutions
  6. Political Psychology: Role of governance in wellbeing, Progressive Politics and practices
  7. Clinical and Counseling psychology: Epidemiology and etiology of mental illness; innovative practices in clinical intervention
  8. Positive Psychology: posttraumatic growth, resilience, character strengths, optimal functioning.


 Winning positions

1st- Certificate & Cash Prize Rs.7000

2nd - Certificate & Cash Prize Rs.5000

3rd - Certificate & Cash Prize Rs.3000


Important dates

          Abstract submission - December 20, 2022

          Selection Decision – January 5, 2023

          Full Paper submission: - Jan 25, 2023

          Junior Behavioral Scientist competition – February 3, 2023


1.    The registration has to be done by the corresponding author and he/she has to do the registration for all the authors.

2.    Number of Authors per paper should not exceed three.

3.    Only empirical research works will be accepted

4.    Abstract and full paper should be in the prescribed format.

             i.    Abstract: Title, Authors details and affiliations, Introduction and objectives, method, result, implications, Keywords. Word limit: 250-300, APA 7th Edition 

             ii.    Full paper: Introduction, Review of Literature, Method, Result and Discussion, Limitations, Implications and References. Word limit: 1000-2500 APA 7th Edition  

5.    Selection will be done based on abstract; Relevance of the study, Method and Implications.

6.    Selection decision would be communicated to the corresponding author on January 5, 2023

7.    Authors of selected abstracts have to submit the full paper in the prescribed format with in the given date. .

8.    Each team will get 15 minutes for presentation (10 Minutes) and discussion (5 Minutes).

9.    More than one abstract can be submitted from one college.

Organizing Team

Dr Binoy Joseph (Principal)

Fr (Dr) Varghese K Varghese (Dean & HOD)

Dr Lijo K J (Coordinator)

Dr Jessy Fenn (Co-coordinator)

Dr Palayoor Benyne Jos

Ms Meghna Girish

Dr Amal Tom Jose

Dr Jovita Sherin George

Ms Arunima (Student Coordinator)

Mr Snignendhu Nayak (Student Coordinator)





Registration form Link

Rajagiri College of Social Sciences (Autonomous),

Rajagiri P.O, Kalamassery,

Cochin - 683 104, Kerala, India