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International conference on Multidisciplinary approaches to SDGs & International partners meet
Date: 10/Jan/2024 - 13/Jan/2024
9:00 AM to 5:00PM
Rajagiri Valley Campus (Kakkanad)

The SDGs were formulated in 2015 by the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) as part of the Post-2015 Development Agenda, which sought to create a future global development framework and to be achieved by 2030. There are cross cutting areas and synergies between different goals. It is therefore imperative that discussion and action in multidisciplinary domains needs to be initiated. The COVID-19 pandemic had serious negative impacts on all 17 SDGs. Multidisciplinary and trans-disciplinary research across economic, socio-political, and environmental dimensions from the perspectives of academia and industry needs to be carried out to identify best models and practices which could be adopted. This conference is a platform for academicians and industry experts to share and reflect on the experiences in advancing SDGs and collaborate with organisations working in similar domains. This conference explores the possibility of global networks in domain specific areas of SDGs who can learn from each other and initiate best models in their practice.

This conference is also an opportunity for Rajagiri to acknowledge and appreciate the Global partners who has been a strong pillar of support for the last 25 years of association through faculty mobility, student mobility, joint projects and collaborative research activities.

Major Sub themes of the Conference

  • Social Work (Dyuti 2024)
  • General Management
  • Behavioural Sciences
  • Life Sciences
  • analytics and  Informatics
  • Finance and Economics (RCEF'24)
  • Operations (RCOM'24)
  • Marketing (ICIM'240
  • Human Resource

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