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B.Com Model II: Finance & Taxation Integrated with ACCA – Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (UK)


About the Programme:

B.Com Model II Finance & Taxation is an undergraduate programme offered by the Department of Commerce and Professional Studies with ACCA professional programme. In the wake of increased globalization, this course helps students to upgrade themselves to become better professionals and deal with international challenges in the domain of Finance and Accounts. It helps to impart advanced learning to students in the discipline of business and commerce, particularly involving the application of Financial Reporting, Auditing & Assurance, and Financial Management. The programme integrates graduate education and professional studies and helps in the transformation of youth into a new form of the corporate citizen, equipped with financial skills and conceptual clarity. The Programme is ideally suited to finance professionals proposing to acquire employment or practice the profession of accountancy abroad, or seek employment in multinational companies located in India or abroad.

Duration :

B.Com Model II Finance and Taxation (ACCA – UK) programme duration is three years with six semesters.


The programme is a three tiered one in which a student graduates through Applied Knowledge, Applied Skills and Strategic Professionals. The first level, applied knowledge is exempted for students who have completed their undergraduate or higher secondary education. The second level operates as a stepping stone to the professional level. The professional stage expects a student to attempt two mandatory papers on business reporting and business leadership, and two optional papers out of four involving financial management, performance management, taxation, and auditing.

ACCA at Rajagiri:

At RCSS, 9 papers of ACCA is exempted for students who are opting for B.Com Model II Finance and Taxation with ACCA. Students will be trained for the Applied Knowledge and Applied Skill level in the initial stage of their Rajagiri life, later they will be trained for appearing the Strategic Professional Level papers.

Action Plan :


Semester I

Semester II

Semester III

Semester IV

Semester V

Semester VI

Foundational Level Papers            (Applied Knowledge & Applied Skill)

Professional Level Paper I

Professional Level Paper II

Professional Level Paper III

Professional Level Paper IV